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Default Porsche Central Index

...to make things a bit easier for those membery who´re looking for specific material here´s a overview about what´s inside our Sticky topics...
it´s mainly for the :arrow: Multimedia stuff, so when you´re looking for pics, vids, links etc. just take a look here and click the link - then you´ll be forwarded to the topic you´re looking for

this index´ll be frequently updated...

Overview MY2004:

986 Boxster

986 Boxster S

986 Porsche Boxster S Anniversary Edition

955 V6

996 C2

996 C2 Cab

996 911 Targa

996 C4

996 C4S

996 C4S Cab

955 S

955 TT

996 TT

996 TT Cab




Carrera GT

997 C2 & S

Dauer LM962

tech details MY 2004:


VarioCam Plus

Tiptronic S with Five and Six Gears

Porsche Traction Management

Porsche Communication Management

Porsche Multimedia:

Carrera GT:

"AMS" scan: some impressions from Porsche Leipzig, Cayenne and Carrera GT production

pics: CGT in Monaco

CGT acceleration diagram

CGT transmission diagram

vid: CGT presentation video

CGT at Nordschleife

"Auto Express" scan: SLRvsEnzovsCGT

vids: various CGT vids

"TOP GEAR" scan: CGT vs SLR

"AMS" scan: Carrera GT and Abarth Carrera GT-L driven by WR...

"CAR" scan: Carrera GT

"AMS" scan: high speed test at Nardo

pics: CGT at dealer

vid: Porsche CGT history

"GT" scan: CGT

vid: CGT sighting by member Sydbom

pic: drifting CGT

"R&T" scan: CGT

"Autobild" scan: CGT vs SLR

"R&T" scan: CGT

"Autobild" scan: CGT vs SLR @ NS

pic: CGT LM ( photoshop )

vid: made by our member Jordy: CGT at Zandvoort racetrack

vid: CGT reviewed by WR and drives it hard

pics: Porsche Leipzig

pics: CGT prototype

link: video of a Cobra chasing a CGT on german autobahn

link: French CGT test

pics: CGT and 996 at dealer

pics and vid: CGT delivery

link: CGT article canadian driver

pics: yellow CGT with yellow interior, taken by TT

pics and vid: Sport Auto Supertest, new record: 7:32.44

scan: CGT tuned by Sportec

pics: CGT pics taken by TT

pics: all BLACK Carrera GT pics

pics: ...some more black GT pics

...and some new RED one´s

pic: Carrera GT at home

pics: Carrera GT Sportech

vid: by member nurbrun

ALL new GT media pics

pics: car show pics incl. black GT

pics: some new GT pics from Leipzig

pics: some red GT pics from 2004 SEMA

pics: black and silver GT

scan: Gemballa Carrera GT 1000hp

Porsche 997:

pics and vid: prototype testing Porsche 997

pics: Porsche 997 C2 prototype pics

pics: 997S spy pics

link: 997 brouchure .pdf

"EVO" scan: Porsche 997

vid: Porsche 997 Motorvision

link: official Porsche 997 vids including estoril circuit

link: "Autocar" first 997 drive

ALL Porsche 997 media pics

Porsche 997S scan

pics: 997Cab prototype

link: Porsche 997 article

pics: 997 press event at estoril circuit

TOP GEAR scan: Porsche 997

"CAR" scan: Porsche 997

pics: Porsche 997 presentation at dealer

link: different wheels for the 997

"EVO" scan: Porsche 997

"EVO" scan: Porsche 997 vs competitors

hi res pics: Porsche 997

link: official Porsche 997 owners manual .pdf

pics: 997 presentation

Sport Auto & MOT scan: 997 S

pic: 997 Cab spy pic

pics: 997 Cup GT3

pics: Porsche GT3 Cup presentation

pics: some more GT3 Cup pics

pics: Porsche 997 GT3 spy pics

link: official 997 GT3 Cup web special

"AUTOCAR" scan: 997S

pics: 997 dealer presentation

pics: 997Cab spy pics

"EVO" scan: new 911 vs old 911

pics: 997Cab spy pics

TechArt Tuning for 997

pics: artistic 997 pics

scan: Car: Performance car of the year 2004

pics: Ruf RT12

pics: Ruf RT12

scan: "GT" Porsche 997 C2 test

scan: "GT" 997C2 vs 997S

scan: "GT" Porsche 997S road test

Porsche 996:

996TT accl diagram

accl diagram porsche C2/4

pics: GT3RS at Spa

vid: Ruf R-Turbo & CTR Yellow Bird on airfield

"Sport Auto" scan: MkII GT2 test

pics: Gemballa GTR650-Evo sighting

vid: GT2 vs Murcielago

pics and link: Gemballa GT2

vid: GT3RS vs 2.7RS on EZW test track, official video

vid: GT3 Cup at EZW test track incl. data analysis

vid: RUF Porsche doing 190mph - with hot chick at end

"GT" scan: 996 GT3RS vs 2.7RS

"GT" scan: all Porsche "RS" cars

"Automobile" scan: 1997 porsche 996 C2

pics: Porsche track day

"R&T" scan: Ruf R-Turbo

"R&T" scan: 996 Turbo

"CAR" scan: Porsche MkI GT3

"GT" scan: Gemballa GT600 and Roadster3.6

"EVO" scan: GT3RS

link: Thermographics Technology Shows 911 C4 Better Handler

pics: Porsche Carrera Cup race cars

vid: GT3 RSR at Spa

custom GT3 wallpaper by member Xploded

pic and vid: VLN Alzen BiTurbo Porsche

article about DMS tuned 550hp 996TT

group test incl. 996TT

pics: GT2 at dealer

vid: GT3 vs GT3Cup

vids: official vids: "Dreamworks" and "Why?" taken from the 40years anniversary DVD

pics: GT3 RS pics by TT

link: Porsche GT3 rally car

scan: 996TT vario cam plus tech article

vid: Porsche GT3 tribute compilation

pic: GT3 RS drifting

scan: "EVO" GT2 vs 9ff T6

vid: 996TT and 996TT Cab

scan: "GT" Porsche GT3 RSC tuned by Cargraphic

vid: GT3 onboard at NS

vid: Porsche GT3 onbord Nordschleife

scan: 9ff Porsche 9f T7 Nardo ( NOTE: french scan )

pics: various 996 from a roadracing event

"GT" scan: Porsche GT3 RS

vid: Porsche GT3 Rally

pics: GT3 RS

vid: GT3 Cup

link: 996TT engine build

vid: Porsche 996TT racing a ///M3&5

" scan: GT3 RSC Cargraphic

"GT" scan: GT2 RS

"GT" scan: 996 4S vs 997

vid: high speed testing at Nardo

pics: some autumn pics of GT3

pics: LOADS of GT3 and GT3RS pics

vid: Porsche 996 4S

pics: Porsche GT3

pics: GT3RS

^^^ for more Hi Res pics on nearly ALL Porsche models plz visit the Subforums...

scan: SA Supertest 996C2 MkI

pics: 996 GT2 RS

scan: SA Supertest 996C4

scan: SA Supertest 996C2 MkII

pics: Gemballa GTR600 Gullwing

scan: SA Supertest 996 GT3

scan: "GT" 996TT S

scan: "GT" 9ff V400 Nardo 388kmh run

scan: "GT" 996 GT2 RS vs 993 GT2

scans: "GT" Porsche suspensions and PSM

scan: SA Supertest GT2

scan: "GT" 996 TT X50 vs 993GT2

scan: "GT" 996 GT3 vs GT3 RS

pics: Porsche GT3 2004 rally car

pics: more Porsche GT3 2004 rally car

Porsche 993:

vid: ITSFUN Porsche at NS

"R&T" scan: Porsche 993

"Automobile" scan: Porsche 993 Turbo

"R&T" scan: Porsche 993 Turbo + Turbo history

"Motor Trend" scan: 993 Turbo

"C&D" scan: Porsche 993S

"R&T" scan: Porsche 993Turbo vs 959

"GT" scan: Porsche 993 M64/60 Turbo engine

"GT" scan: Porsche 993

link: Porsche 993RS pics and vid

"GT" scan: Porsche 993 RS

vids: quite some 993 vids

scans: various 993 scans incl. 993TT

vids: quite some 993 vids

Porsche 995:

vid: Gemballa GT700-AeroIII on test rig doing 295kmh...

pics: Cayenne "Roadrunner"

pics: Gemballa GT700 AEROIII

vids: Porsche 955 S and TT with Fabspeed exhaust

pics: 9ff tuned Cayenne Turbo

scan: "EVO" Porsche Cayenne Turbo at Pikes Peak

link: GT750 Aero III

link: Cayenne TT Owners Manual

pics: Rinspeed Chopster

various Porsche stuff:

vids: various porsche models

pics: top speed

"C&D" scan: Porsche 959 vs 993 Turbo S

pic: original Walter Röhrl autograph

some scans of 911's from 1960-1980's and some 1970's Porsche

link: official porsche top speed game

link: Porsche DNA test

link: article on 2.7RS

some scans comparing 911s with otherbrands

"Excellence" scan: Dauer LeMans962

pics: some 2.7RS pics

"GT" scan Porsche 3.2

pics and vid: Porsche 911SC owner and JW member irrational_i

pics: Sport Auto Tuner GP and Driftchallenge 2004 at HHR

scan: article about porsche tuner RUF

"Motor Trend" scan: Porsche 911 Turbo

"R&T" scan: Porsche 959 at NS

"GT" scan: 2.7RS

"R&T" scan: Porsche 965 vs RUF 911CTR

scan: porsche tech article

"R&T" scan: 40 years 911

"R&T" scan: 944Turbo vs 911C2

link: Porsche cars specs

link: Porsche 930 Ruf BTR brochure

"GT" scan: Porsche 964 3.8RS

link: various pics and vids

incar vid: 956 at LeMans

link: Cursed Porsche 550 Spyder?

links: 4th Porsche E2-B

link: many porsche vids ( lad.lv )

link: "classic driver" 40years 911

pics: Porsche meeting in Dubai

pics: Porsche 944&968

RUF yellowbird at NS with sideways Stefan behind the wheel

pics: 24h endurance race at NS

link: Porsche 911CS whale tail history

pic: Porsche 987 spy shot

vid: Porsche 964 Cup

vid: Porsche Boxster

"R&T" scan porsche 944&968

pics: Porsche 550 Spyder for the kidz

vids: various Porsche vids by member Sydbom

link: official web special Porsche PCCB

pics: hi-res 987 Boxster

link: official web special Porsche 987 Boxster

scan: "GT" Porsche Can Am racing

scan: "EVO" Motorsport Department Weissach

scan: "GT" 40 years Porsche 911: 964 series history

scan: "GT" Porsche 964RS vs 993RS

vid: 700hp tuned 1988 Porsche 911 with some massive flames comming out of exhaust

"SA" scan: various NS record cars

pics: Porsche Fest Brands Hatch 2004

"Car" scan: 944Turbo vs 3.2L

pics: Porsche road show by member "frodefe"

"GT" scan: RUF Yellowbird vs 964 RCT vs CTR2 vs R-Turbo

pics: Porsche event pics

"R&T" scan: ´74 Porsche Turbo

"GT" scan: 30 years Porsche Turbo

pics: visit at RUF Automobile

pics: mini 550 Spyder

pics: various Porsche pics from Auto Salon Singen

pics: various Porsche pics

"GT" scan: Porsche racing cars

pics: Porsche museum Stuttgart

"EVO" scan: Porsche 987

pics: various Porsche pics from Barcelona

pics: various Porsche sights

Porsche Turbo rally vid

pics: Porsche 987

scan: Porsche 911SC buying guide

scan: "GT" Porsche 930 Turbo SE

scan: "GT" Porsche 911R

vid: Porsche Power and Snow event

pics: from the Power and Snow event

rare Ruf pics

scan: "GT" Porsche 73 2.7RS

scan: "GT" CEO Wiedeking and the 987

Porsche News:

NOTE: the links are just some infos about the "big" topics, be sure to go through PN when u have some time, there´re way more smaller, but also interesting, topics inside...

Merc SLR vs. CGT

CGT vs Enzo

pics: Leipzig CGT customer event

CGT book

scan: „AMS“ CGT vs SLR vs Enzo

pics: Leipzig CGT

CGT infos

4th porsche


first CGT test drive by AMS

scan: “Autocar” CGT

pics: CGT brouchure

pics: GT3RS-R

PSM explained

4th model

link: build your own Porsche

link: GT3RS Weissach

pics: optional Targa roof 955

Porsche 550 Spyder: 50th anniversary

Enzo vs CGT comparison

little history CGT

955TT vs 996TT X50

st-anger´s Porsche Carrera GT Leipzig event intro

spy pics: 987 & 997

st-anger´s Porsche Carrera GT test drive report

latest infos 987 & 997


first real CGT test by AMS

pic: first top speed pic

differences GT3RS vs GT3

award for CGT

CGT by 9ff

CGT lap times

Gallardo vs 996TT

Porsche wins beauty contest

link: CGT test by Christopherus

4th Porsche

some more awards for Porsche

pics: engine test rig infos

pics: fire brigade Cayenne

pics & vids: Porsche 987 & 997

st-anger´s Porsche GT3 RS test drive

scan: Sport Auto CGT test

Porsche 964 3.8RS

even more awards…

st-anger´s GT2 test drive

4th Porsche

link: Dauer 962LM

vid: Carrera Cup

vid: CGT

scan: “EVO” greatest 911

GT3RS SA supertest test figures

pics: CGT roadshow

scan: “SA” GT3RS

vids & pics: Porsche GT3 @ HHR

X50/X51 differences

Porsche test center NS

scan: various mag scans about Nordschleife

scan: “SA” SLR vs Enzo vs Zonda vs CGT

link: 955 V8 article

pics: GT3RS media pics

Porsche design indicator

update 4th model

CGT 7:32.40 new record @ NS

2005 997 GT3 Cup

Porsche Cayenne 500hp power kit and panorama roof available

fiscal report 03/04

marketing prize for PAG

fatal GT2 accident

EUR 3000 bonus payment for PAG employees

Manthey Porsche clocked a 7:01 at NS

first award for the 997

Porsche profit exceeds 1 billion euro

Engineering Excellence Award for the Porsche Carrera GT

The sportiest cars of 2004: Three top spots for Porsche

Porsche 997 Cab

New turnover and profit records in the 2003/04 fiscal year

Ruf 997

388kmh 9ff V400

addition to PC: "Porsche Central Featured Vids"

997 GT3 and TT

955 Cayenne facelift

997 GT3 article

955 Chopster concept

Porsche Cayman

Porsche 4th model: Panamera

updated: 06.03.2005
Sportscars come
Sportscars go
Legends live on
Porsche 911
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Great effort dude!! you are even more crazy than me in organizing stuff!
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