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Default 5th Gear - S12 EP5 - 1st October, 2007 - Discussion

Vicki Butler-Henderson takes two, virtually identical, Audi TTs to the track for a shoot-out. The only difference between them is that one has a manual gearbox, while the other has a semiautomatic one. Traditionally, automatic gearboxes are slow and ponderous, blunting outright performance, but the new breed is meant to be much slicker. So which will be faster? Vicki finds out against the clock.

After a six-year wait, there is finally a chic rival to BMW’s Mini – the new Fiat 500. It is so new that the official UK launch is not due until early 2008, but Fifth Gear have obtained one. Tom Ford puts the vehicle to the test – is this the car to be spotted in next year?

The Gumpert Apollo is a supercar with a striking name and very striking statistics: 650 brake-horse power, 0–62 in three seconds and a 224 mph top speed. Tiff Needell takes it to the track to find out if the car is worth its £225,000 price tag.

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, a look at the Bowler Nemesis – a 500 bhp extreme off-roader designed to tackle the world’s toughest rallies, such as the Dakar. And do fuel additives really work? Can a few squirts in to your fuel tank really act as a wonder drug that transforms your engine’s performance? Four leading brands are scientifically tested to find out.
First review of the Apollo?
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Sounds like another good episode.. look forward to Tiff taking the Apollo for a spin or two
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Kinda glad I started watching 5th gear again. This will be the first review I see of the Apollo and I can't wait.
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Niiiiiiice !!! They will test the MTM Apollo. That's really great ! :good:
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Nice, can´t wait for the Apollo review This series is quite good so far (never thought i would ever say that about 5th Gear)
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That was an awesome episode!! Just loved everything, Fiat 500, Gumpert Apollo, Bowler Nemesis, Drag race with the world's fastest street-legal car... What's not to love! 8)

The Apollo didn't really impress me that much though. It did seem bloody fast, but it seemed to suffer a lot from turbo-lag and understeered into nearly every corner, plus the engine didn't sound exotic enough for me. I did love the gearbox though. IMO more supercars should have a setup like this with the sequential box in combination with a clutch pedal and gearlever.
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