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Photo of the Month The MotorWorld 'Photo of the Month' Competition

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Default Photo of the Month - November

Photo of the Month is back! ........ AGAIN
Please take the time to vote for your favorites.
voting will end December 1st

Here is what to do:

You have to select your fav FOUR pics and assign points. The point system is as follows:

fav pic: 5 pts
second pic: 3 pts
third: 2 pts
fourth: 1 pt

Please, your fav pic on top, 4th one at the bottom of the short list.

Also, if you want, please, explain your choices

And may the best win
Some wonder how to get a photo in POTM
1.) You must be the photographer
2.) It must be at least 1024 wide
3.) It must be posted with a hi-res link in "What you saw today"
4.) It must be posted within the start of the previous POTM contest, and the next one (usually 1 month)

If you have a personal favorite photo you want in the next contest, please send me a PM

stmoritzer, Lamborghini Estoque

raphaelws, Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Smartdriver, Maserati Gransport Cabrio

spiffu, Camaro Z28 Grand Am car

a007apl, Red Bull F1

webby, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

P_Zero_Rosso, BMW E92 M3

Ferrari_360_F1, Ferrari 360 Spider

Panisis, CLK Black Series

Pagani, Lancer Evo VIII

nthfinity, Lamborghini LP640/ Gallardo Superleggera

mdtt, BMW Mini Cooper

Car photography website
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