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Default 5th Gear - S10 EP12 - 11th December, 2006 - Discussion

This week’s edition of Five’s motoring show focuses on track days, in which sports-car owners take their vehicles to racing circuits and throw them around the tarmac. Tiff Needell provides the definitive guide, demonstrating how to prepare the car and then get the best out of it. His tool for job is the new Audi S3 – the UK’s most expensive, most powerful hot hatch.

Honda has just launched an all-new version of their popular 4x4, the CR-V. But this is a 4x4 with a difference, because it is not going to wreck the planet. In fact, the car comes with a letter stating that it is greener than a Mini. Tom Ford presents his car and his letter to a few anti-4x4 activists – can he persuade them that big is beautiful?

Earlier this year a father and son duo won the 8,000-mile Mongol Rally in a 15-year-old Daihatsu Charade costing just £150. So was this a fluke or is this unassuming little car genuinely tough? Vicki Butler-Henderson tests an identical vehicle to the point of destruction.

Elsewhere, Jonny Smith enters a 0–60 competition in the UK’s slowest-accelerating production car – the 800cc Chevrolet Matiz automatic. Clearly he is not going to win, but can he meet his own challenge and beat the manufacturer’s 0–60 figure of 22 seconds?
I may of gotten episodes 11 and 12 mixed up, sry in advance if i did.
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Same here, what happen, is it because of the politically correct or what ?? I had the same thought concerning Turbo.fr, they had shit in their recent program, nothing really showable ...
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