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Default 5th Gear : S9 EP11 : 10th July, 2006 - Discussion

Tiff finds out in typically dramatic style which is quicker off-road – a 4x4 or a motorcycle. He goes head-to-head with Simon Pavey, the hard-as-nails Dakar racer who taught Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman how to ride. The race is fast and furious, but Tiff’s effort to keep up is rather too enthusiastic – nearly rolling down the side of a cliff!

Meanwhile, Jason is on the B3018 in Wiltshire – recently dubbed Britain’s bendiest road. He drives the Brooke Double R – a lightweight road car styled like a 60s Grand Prix car – that happens to be the quickest car we’ve tested this series.

Vicki road-tests the new Ford S-Max – the sevenseater MPV that’s surprisingly fun to drive. After skidding it round like a sportscar, Vicki decides to put its credentials to the ultimate test. Filling the car full of pensioners, she embarks on an unusual land speed record attempt – for the furthest distance travelled in one hour by seven people in an MPV!

Tiff puts his reputation on the line at the first round of the new D1GB Championship – a new series designed to find the best drifters in the UK. We’re used to seeing Tiff powerslide the most expensive cars in the world, but how will his skills cope when he’s under the intense pressure of doing it in front of a crowd against the hottest young drivers in the UK?

We’ll also have a report from behind the scenes of 'The Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift’, revealing how the amazing cars were prepared and stunts performed.

And Tom flies out to Austria on Alan Sugar’s private jet to test the TT on the picturesque snow-lined roads of the Alps.
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Sounds good enough I suppose haha. The drifting part has me intrigued, that should be pretty cool.
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:sleeping: as usual.
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Of course a motorcycle will be quicker off-road.
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Can't wait to see Tiff in action!

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Another cr**** ep apparently :roll:
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looks like tiff is getting a bigger part on the show. He usually comes out only 1nce for shor time. Glad they are doing that.
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