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Default 5th Gear - S10 EP10 - 27th November, 2006 - Discussion

A few weeks ago, Jonny Smith proved you could drive coast to coast in a car powered purely by used chip fat. Buoyed by his success he has now come up with a new challenge for his pungent but faithful Mercedes. Can he set a new World Land Speed Record for a car fuelled by vegetable oil?

This year Vicki Butler-Henderson has been racing a Porsche GT3 in their Carrera Cup series. Now the roadgoing version is out. Have Porsche discovered the ideal compromise between track and road car, and if so does this make it a more attractive buying proposition than their Turbo model which costs a further 18,000?

Two weeks ago we saw Jason Plato given one day and a budget of 9,000 to find an exciting car with the potential for a bit of profit. He achieved that mission by coming up with a 1998 BMW M3 for 9,400. Now comes the crunch: will he be able to make any money on the deal?

Tom Ford drives the Mazda MX5 Roadster Coupe, which features a folding hard top. Cars with this type of roof offer more security and comfort when up, but seem to swallow up all the boot space when down. Have Mazda now solved the problem?

Also this week, Tiff Needell visits Mercedes-Benz World the biggest, most complete car dealership in the country to test their new and most powerful 4x4, the ML 63 AMG. The dealership has skid pans, off-road courses and handling circuits as well all the traditional glass and chrome.

And finally, Tim Lovejoy takes a celebrity banger racing. How will they fare?
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this episode looks pretty good on paper
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^ the past showed that what looks good on paper is almost always fucked up by 5th Gear...
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Tiff plus an ML 63 should be good.
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