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Default Superb! 599 GTB and 612 Scaglietti

:shock: :crazyeyes: :shocked!:
The best photo set I've seen in a while! The 599 looks smokin' and the 612 looks great actually. Everything is in high-res! If only there was a video accompanying it...

from Automobilisimo:
(The article is originally in Italian. The translation was just processed through Babelfish, so yes, it is a bit messy.)

The 599, feed the curve and disappear from the horizon. Indeed: in the horizon. The hard mystery only the time to catch up the curve with the 612, in order to discover that with with the road they turn also the mount, the sky, the landscape and the horizon. The Futa scollina in Tuscany, after to have risen from the Emilia. The 599 and the 612 are run after trying to dipanare the garbuglio of the roads that favour the whims of the Appennino, for the joy of who guide. This, the Futa, smells of oaks and Thousand Miles, the race that divenne synonymous of adventure and technological development, that it contributed to promote in the years to horse of the War. The 599 are a red shadow that whale for some moment between a hairpin curve and the other, faster also of the image of the stop, that it persists on the hairnets when the car is already passing. Its effectiveness is demoniaca:più short and light of the Scaglietti, it has a perfect balance, 85% of the mass concentrated between the two aces and a ottantina of horses in more, gives to you from the generous motor of the Enzo. The 612 are less reactive, but the lowered order and the carbo-ceramic brakes of the package Handling GTC put it in condition for resisting. And the gap of power, on roads in which to hard work one becomes part third, it becomes a argument more weak person. But more of the chassis and the motor, the difference ago the attitude of the electronics: that it says long on its importance in governing the behavior to it of these spectacular cars.

The 612 are a GT of race, that it is born in order not to imbarazzare not even less expert, not even after many hours of guide. Therefore, the control of stability CST gives a great work: if the curve is grip, enough little more of the classic gas thread in order to see to appear on display the icona green that marks it its participation, while the power distribution is sweetened for a moment, like if the twelve cylinders took a breath before recommencing to push vigorous. But activating the modality sport music changes, and the differences regarding the 599 are lost weight. If the accelerator to bottom is not crushed, the dolcezza of participation is absolute, thanks to the sophisticated system of autotaratura of the clutch of this version of the F1 change (looks at the issue of Opens them 2007). But if the telephone exchange understands that it is hour mean it, snocciola marce with all the decision that serves, while gorgoglio of the 12 cylinders is transformed in urlo visceral, and is indeed difficult to hold sluices the windows while the systems that come to an agreement the culverts of aspiration and drainage open, swelling the baritone note drainages and accompanying doppietta with a every thunder the time that pulls the left lever of in order scaling march. On these roads, the Ferrari is been born. The forest is not astonished more of the bang that comes from the four drainages behind the nside, although it is, under that longest cowling that they seem not to never end, than finds those large cylinders "like fiaschi" many beloveds to Enzo Ferrari. And after the variety of outlines of years Eighty and Ninety, today the range Ferrari return to follow the mechanical creed of the Drake: if eccettua the devozione racing of the F430, the cars of Maranello are today to twelve cylinders and with posterior, second change the outline transaxle. But that car! Who would have dreammed itself, also only little years ago, the versatilità caught up from the creatures of Maranello? In a position to untying itself honorably in the traffic, trotterellare patients in the highway tails and to go to spasso on lungomare in absolute souplesse, in order then sfoderare one grinta without equal in track. Both make an impression, for various reasons

The 599 are in a position to approaching the performances of the Enzo, from which it resumes the motor from 620 Cv without but having some in null the extreme character. Yes, the abundance of carbon in inner them donates a more professional air, but it is also an able car to accompany a son to school with the same facility with which it chews posterior rubbers. The dolcezza to the semaforo competes with that one of the best sedans, and must watch the small mirror, consider of the crowding, in order to become account of how many meters the motors made in Maranello gives to all the others. The 612, than must "be pleased" deldodici less cylinders of derivation 575 (moreover a po' made thirsty than benzine) are instead an impeccable drawing-room that abundantly exceeds the wall of the 300 to the hour and in track it is not made to intimorire from nobody. The Scaglietti is the Ferrari more prodigal than possibility than personalizzazione, and to case the copy of the test was not equipped of inner in skin paper from sugar and cream, and of one most elegant traforata selleria. The confort it is of absolute relief although the package Handling GTC you considerably increase to the rigidity and the vocal stamp of the motor - for how much that cannot sure be thought a defect...

What it hits, also in this case, is the ability to conjugate characteristic therefore various, that we have been accustoms to you to consider antithetic: the road and the track; the travel and the race. The Ferrari, instead, offers the best of both worlds. Sure on road it is succeeded to take advantage of the second one, to the maximum third, and the CST takes part with a such advance payment to render absolutely impossible maneuvers hazardous. But the two cars go wonderfully well, supported from simply extraordinary suspensions, that they communicate nearly with exactitude separated what is happening lì under, without to decompose the car minimally and without to interrupt for a moment the traction. Nothing is outside place and all, it is understood endured, it is studied in order not to disturb the guide pleasure: even display on the dashboard that the own brightness to that one of the day adapted automatically, even the commandos of the radio and the navigator: all it is easy, all works well. The Ferrari of was somigliano Montezemolo to Montezemolo at least how much those of was Enzo Ferrari, difficult, scorbutiche and blood, somigliavano to Enzo. What it does not change is the expression of who sees to pass to them, an admiration without envies that only the icona national it is in a position to provoking.

The dreams are dreams, that it must makes us? And the dreams do not regard the fruibilità, the facility of guide, the emergency and the confort of march, but beyond the 500 horses - quite 620 in the case of the 599 GTB Fiorano - than scalpitano one under the cowling. Also in we it wants to trigger them has grown kilometer after kilometer: and after to have some it totals to you more than 600 along be them, Appennine steps, freeways and city, we arrive finally in front of the income of the track of Toy. No pause in front of cancels: the transenna the facade with the little horse is raised hardly is approached. It is the same effect of the freeway: not hardly along snout fiuta the tail of the machine that precedes, this yields the step immediately, independently from the speed to which it is travelling and from the intensity of the traffic. Little minuteren for the customary formalities to the office of management of the track and we are ready for before the stage: the speed ring, than will concur us to test in all emergency performances otherwise impossible to appreciate on road. We begin with the 599 that one with which already on road we have made more hard work to repress the temptation to push to tablet the pedal of the gas. The first turn serves in order to familiarize with the reactions of the car; what between the other much easy one, with the only shrewdness to delicately use the steering, much direct and too much light end in speed. Nothing of worrisome, for charity, enough to take the hand to us and all becomes natural, therefore as he becomes natural to find itself with the pedal of the gas to contact with tappetino and the right hand on the paddle of the change for "snocciolare" the marce, like if were on one single-seat of Formula 1. The manettino it is in position race, that one for the best performances; but the electronics are always ready to take part in case of serious errors from part of guidatore.La the rapidity of the changed "F1-Superfast" from 100 milliseconds appraise fine hour in bottom, because the system coordinates motor, clutch and change in exemplary way, without uncertainties and above all without the minimal risk of error. We exit from the curvone that immette on the 2 km of rectilinear in fifth, so it concentrates to you on the road not to have well idea of the speed; it is the body that is compressed with incredible force on the fianchetto skillful of the seat to reveal to us of star travelling to caught up averages never until today on cars of normal production. We wait for that the front wheels are straight in order to move the eye on the contagiri: we are beyond the 7,000, neanche the time to understand what exactly is happening and already the crown of led on flying is illuminated in order to invite to us to put sixth before the participation of the limiter, towards the 8,000 turns. The needle of the tachimetro already is moved a lot to right, in the zone from the 300 km/h in order to mean to us, but the 599 continue to push like if nothing were; sure the speed knows them more slowly, but the 3 corsie seem are narrow of blow and in striking of ciglio we are to 310, 315, 320. The return curve runs towards of we with its unusual limit of speed of 240 km/h: it must lighten the gas, to leave to slow down the car, to rilassare muscles and to take advantage of the rectilinear one of return in order to put order to the turbinio of feelings that as soon as have crossed in scattered order our mind. The Fiorano is indeed a missile, that it catches up speed from capogiro in the short spaces, without to demand too much concentration and with one mozzafiato progression. And to think that we have touched "only" the 320 km/h of tachimetro, when being to the data it declares to you could be quite arrived to 330 effectives (the over the entire scale is to 360...). But we prefer not to risk; after all, who would want to make it with a jewel gives beyond 220.000 euro? We pass instead to the 612, less exasperated of the sister to two places buckets but pregevole (and equally expensive). And always maledettamente fast, a lot that the final result changes little: to the end of the rectilinear one we have seen approximately 310 km/h, a result that leaves astounded once again, above all for as it has been obtained: with little engagement, and without never to make to go up the cardiac heartbeat beyond the danger level. The F1 change in SoFast3 version already puts to disposition the modality "Superfast", but it is less fulmineo that the SoFast4 of 599 the able one to change in 100 ms, and has one small inertia in the passage from one march to the other imperceptible one on the Fiorano; the progression, however, is equally rewarding. Without to count that "the open" drainage of kit Handling GTC galvanizes who seats in place of guide, therefore as less light and directed the steering a po' regarding the 599 hardly assures feeling quite better us it seats in place of guide, without need of that minimal "indispensable rodaggio" in order to feel a tutt' with the Fiorano, car without more extreme doubt and adapted to the track.

And it is indeed hour to verify the job made from the planners, passing from the boring practical theory to that for the occasion we will execute on the track of handling of Toy, nicknamed the Nürburgring small for the likeness with the mythical circuit dipped in the campaigns of the Eifel. Yes, the distance is not along nearly 23 km and the curves are not 180: but the saliscendi mozzafiato and the alternation of the most disparati types than curves they put to hard tries the order, also of the sport cars. We leave with the 599 and manettino in position sport, that one for the street use. Nearly useless to emphasize the prontezza of answer of the motor, the embarrassing speed of the change and the rectilinear, long rapidity with which the 599 divora or short ones that is; what it hits is the order that not ago never a fold, indeed: in the first turn it is often capitato to us of having still of the margin before making to take part the electronics. In truth enough to force hardly more in order to assist to clean cuts of power in escape from the tightened curves more. Of other part, the modality sport is made in order to guide in sport way in the maximum emergency, and if the traction control is called in cause therefore often it is alone in virtue of the esuberanza of the motor. But if the manettino is wanted more freedom enough to be moved in race. Therefore it is easier to unload the power, the tail increases a po' and it can be tasted the fascination of the sovrasterzo, without but risking the head tail. Sure it is the better compromise between it appeal to than guide and emergency, because without stability control the 599 demand experience and nerves balances. Not a lot in the tightened curves, when the sovrasterzo it is progressive and enough easy to manage; how much on the fast one, since also in third and quarter before triggering the 620 horses of the V12 di Maranello it must preview the tendency of the tail to increase with participations anticipates to you on the steering. A moment of delay with the controsterzo can be fatal, and when they are covered curves from 140-150 km/h the lusso cannot sure be allowed us to mistake. Even if a po' less intense, the feelings do not lack not even to the the 612 guide of Scaglietti, above all with preparation handling GTC. The comparison with the 599 is impietoso, but in this surf, while the search of you avail again equally being involved in the sport guide, capienti and comfortable in the long travels it could only be totally unfruitful. Also being immediate in catching up the point of rope like that one of the 599, the front chassis of the Scaglietti is not ready, transmits an optimal one feeling to the guide and it goes away from the only wished line when it is exaggerated intentionally with the speed of income in curve. In the changes of direction the longer step renders it less manageable of the young sister, but enough to face a distance not too much tortuoso in order to more forget dimensions and weights from sedan that does not give true and own sportswoman. On the fast one, instead, the 2+2 Ferrari does not fear in fact the comparison with the Fiorano, that it is also always the more powerful and prestazionale car never produced to Maranello. The 612 are glue to earth, have a nearly neutral behavior and it is not decomposed too much in the transfers of cargo. Still more than on road, he is obviously indispensable to activate the calibration sport of the electronic control of stability for having a minimum of action freedom, otherwise also the minimal pressure on the pedal of the gas is resolved in clearly a cut of power that mortifica the pushed guide more.

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Best picture set I've seen in a long time! How often do you see a 612 burning rubber?!? Amazing!
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:shock: 8) :good:

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Thanks blue8

indeed very nice pictures and a looong article, too long for me atm

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Great pics! Love the drifting and burning rubber pics!
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i need new underwear
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Those two cars are just to die for!

It's always nice to see the Scag in action!
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Yes, I think its official... I would forfit my manlyhood for those cars... :shock:

Thanks for the photos + article blue8!
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Stunning pictures :shock: :shocked!:
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Amazing pictures! :shock: this is wallpaper material for a looong time...

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Awesome fucking pictures! :shock: 8) Thanks!

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amazing pictures indeed i've been lookin for stunning dekstop wallpapers for a long time think i finally found em

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