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Introductions Introduce yourself here. Make new friends and get to know other members.

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Nth, You do a remarkable job as an Admin.
In the interest of being constructive, could the following please be viewed objectively.

A thread that is centered around a topic, is effectively a multi-person conversation. Conversations progress and evolve. And on occasion, such as in this thread, remarkable comments or accusations are asserted, and are instinctively met with a response.

I feel that unnecessary censorship harms topics.

I acknowledge that slanging matches that degenerate and get "off-topic" are useless and degrade the overall quality of the conversations present. At what point does admin discretion kick in? As in this case, where posts were made by an inflammatory troll and they were met controlled critique from RC and I. Further, said troll was then offered a solution to mend-his-ills, by way of politely suggesting to post a custom shot. He was encouraged to act with a better grace; to act up and enjoy this place. This is not unreasonable.

When outrageous comments are made, it appears that there are only two choices. 1. Respond to said outrageousness, or 2. start a completely new topic concerning the problem, which only creates clutter and useless, unnecesary topics.

MW has a pretty chilled out core group. I couldn't really give a [email protected]#$ about a troll who I have never met, who wants to pretend he has a porsche in his garage. But on occasion, if I wish, if there is blatant disrespect to a valued member, or to the ethos and modus-operandi of MW, I should have the option to comment and advise my opinion of what's appropriate. And shit, if someone is passionate about something, as I am about this community, it should be ok to stand behind what is right and be proactive about promoting the 'rules and ethics' that go hand-in-hand in belonging here.

Ultimately, I understand the underlying importance that the Admin team uphold, is to ensure a threads integrity remains intact. Censorship therefore, is sometimes a forced necessity. But equally important, is a members passion, and their proactive response that are made in order to see MW grow in the best way possible.

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