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Originally Posted by Zot09
Originally Posted by TNT
get a busa!!!!

just kidding just take you time and don't think your god on it. best of luck.
Pfffff a busa is too civil...I was thinking about a turbo'd busa w/ nos as a starter bike. Trust me, I know I'm good enough to handle that

A girl I know just got a new gixxer her first bike...I don't know much about bikes yet, but that doesn't really seem like a starter bike.

Great observation - a Gixxer600 is abotu as much of a starter bike as a F599 is a "starter" car...

Sure it is - compared to an Enzo .. realisticly a Suzuki GS500 (or whatever todays equivalent model is) is a great starter bike.

Nimble, relatively light, actually a great starting point for modding and cheap to repair.

Originally Posted by TNT

well one of my buddies started out on a CBR600 RR ('03) and he is a feather weight. but he is riding really well from what i see anyways.
Riding well compared to whom and what? I cannot see a first time rider developing proper skills and decent ider behaviours starting out on a CBR600RR... I just can't.
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