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Default 5th Gear - S13 EP05 - 18th February, 2008 - Discussion

More motoring thrills and spills as Fifth Gear continues its 13th series with Vicki Butler-Henderson, Tom Ford, Tiff Needell, Jason Plato and Jonny Smith at the helm. In this programme, Tiff and Jason race a pair of top coupes; Tom tests a couple of 4x4s on an estate in Scotland; Jonny searches for the ideal car for a 17-year-old; Vicki road tests a pair of hot hatchbacks; and Freestyle Motocross star Travis Pastrana talks about his incredible stunts.

This week, Tiff Needell and Jason Plato go headto-head in pair of £30,000 coupes: the new BMW 135i Coupe and the Porsche Cayman. They put the cars through a series of extreme performance tests to see which one has the edge – the more powerful BMW or the more expensive Porsche.

Elsewhere, Tom Ford finds out which is the best small off-roader on the market by visiting the Kinnaird estate in Perthshire, Scotland. This £400-a-night establishment is the only hotel in the world with a “4x4 concierge” – a butler in an off-road vehicle who delivers guns and picnics to the guests around the 7,000-acre grounds. Tom joins the staff for the day equipped with a Land Rover Freelander and a Nissan X-Trail. Which car is best for the job?

A recent survey has revealed that parents spend an average £2,400 on their child’s first car. Jonny Smith hits the classifieds in search of the ideal car for a 17-year-old. He reveals three surprising choices that are all within budget, including a sexy classic and a boy racer’s favourite
Meanwhile, Vicki Butler-Henderson is on Anglesey for another Fifth Gear Shoot-Out. This time she aims to find out which is the fastest hot hatch – the Renault Twingo GT or the Fiat Panda 100HP. Both cars cost around £10,000. But which is the best drive?

This week’s special guest is Travis Pastrana, a 25-year-old American often described as the David Beckham of Freestyle Motocross. He is the only man to complete a death-defying double back flip in a competition, and in an exclusive interview he talks about his pioneering stunts and explains why he is now swapping motorcycles for rally cars. He also speaks candidly about his 120mph horror crash, when he rolled his rally car nine times.
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