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Originally Posted by nthfinity View Post
If it weren't for our sister site, I might have over looked it...

In June of 2003, Jabbasworld opened up, and changed the lives of thousands... 10's of thousands, and perhaps millions of automotive enthusiasts around the world with all the copy-cats after the initial split from racing-flix.

For those of us still around, can any recount stories of the Krazy Hawaiian? How about Donny? Josh, who was friends with Jeremy Clarkson, and was going to get us shut down?

How about being the REAL initial leak of the 2006 Z06 before the embargo was over?

Or... how car spotting became a professional hobbie among many here; largely because of people like Matteo (TT)

Does anybody else recall the argument over weather a drift car could be adequately set up for road racing? PaulGT and Graywolf really got in it there.

Then there was the DL club... and that other group too. I've made life long friends from this site

Thanks Jabba!
You forgot to mention the cheesy christmas music which got turned on every December at one point.
All the debates, arguments and stories
The ST is gone, Type-R is here!
The Type-R is gone, the MR2 is here!
The MR2 is dead, The S2000 is here!
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