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Originally Posted by RC45 View Post
Interesting to see that even after all these years some peoples epinion of themselves hasn't changed a bit.

Some folks where full of themselves back then and are still full of themselves now.

Well if you find that statement offensive, then maybe you need to examine yourself. I called no one out in that post, just stating the well documented reason many of the quality members have left this forum.

I figured that the people who contributed to the death of this forum by means of aggressive, argumentative, and single-minded forceful posting would come out of the woodwork to throw around some insults - and I was correct.

I like how you also ignored the rest of my post, which is very valid in outlining the faults here, and resorted to calling me "full of myself," which is fine, because I don't really care. You calling me "full of myself" is the age old adage of "the pot calling the kettle black," so that comment does not really bother me.

I am just glad you took the bait and "outed" yourself.
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