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Originally Posted by PaulGT2164 View Post
I remember all that.

I remember when posting here was fun, I didn't mind getting in long debates, or posting my projects (any one remember my stupid powerful miata? or my shop threads?) Back when I used to post fairly often, I was a little "new" to things, and it is a shame I did not feel the urge to share my journeys in the automotive world over the last 7 years as they have been quite interesting, maturing, and fun.

I remember when this was a community, not just a broken group of people looking to download videos.

I remember when everyone was pretty even keeled, before a few certain members starting arguing about everything they could, just for reaction and blowhard status.

However this site has lost it's direction, and its fun I am sorry to say, and it no longer compels me to post here.

But this site did bring me lots of joy back in the day, I used to wake up every few hours to check the threads, that is how good it used to be.

I hate to leave a negative message here, but it honestly, and truly makes me sad to see this place nowadays - compared to what it was in the "heyday."
Interesting to see that even after all these years some peoples epinion of themselves hasn't changed a bit.

Some folks where full of themselves back then and are still full of themselves now.

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