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Originally Posted by 5vz-fe View Post
They put wayyy to much computer effect on the LFA review, making it too unrealistic. Amazing time posted by the stig tho.

The problem with the X6 is simply the tires are wayyy to wide to provide enough pressure on slippery surface other than smooth tarmac.

A pretty entertaining ep, but not the best of the season for me.
I think that was almost done on purpose to portray the fact that the car is all flash and fake.

The X6 had sport tires on, a big mistake BMW made when the X5 came out and winter hit the US and all the cars with the Sport Package were driven by morons and didn't relize that summer tires don't work in snow.

With proper tires the X6 is just as good as the Land Rover the design is just silly.

I was in my BMW dealer getting service when the X6 came out and I asked the sales guy whats the point of the car and he said its for the suave man who has everything. That pretty much says it and that was what Jeremy was trying to say. I'm curious to see how well the resale value holds up.
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