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Default 5th Gear - S11 EP1 - 30th April, 2007 - Discussion

Tom discovers what it’s like to be a paparazzi photographer hot on the trail of celebrities in an unassuming black Kia Cee’d – the perfect car for “spies, getaway drivers and paparazzi”. After a briefing from Big Pictures boss Darryn Lyons he’s off, and soon has Madonna firmly in his sights. But will he come up with a big money picture?

There’s also a big car crash investigation. Two identical cars meet in a head-on collision, one in perfect condition and one which has been badly repaired. The results are shocking and demonstrate the importance of carrying out a vehicle history check before you buy second-hand.

Also this week, Tiff Needell has the first TV test of the car everyone’s talking about: the Audi R8.

And regular racing mogul Jason Plato puts his foot to the floor when he takes the Brabus Rocket, the world’s fastest four-door saloon, to the German Autobahn to try and top 200mph.

And Vicki puts the Fiat Panda 100 HP through a stern test as she races it against a Ferrari around a track –with some surprising results.
Oooo, good way to start off the new season

Also, i'm not sure but.. can it be true?... no more Lovejoy
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