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Originally Posted by nthfinity View Post
I've got the SPT exhaust on my car, and the headers are unequal length, giving a lovely warble sound still. With the new 2015, they did away with that sound in the name of 3hp and a drop back down to 2.0 liters of displacement.

While I wouldn't say that the cooling effect is totally mitigated vs. DI, I can tell you a very well known tuner melted many pistons before realizing that one always runs hotter in a mass produced performance car that is regularly modified. Yes... very vague

It is nice, everyone I have spoken with mentions the 2009 WRX's run extraordinarily rich; and definitely don't need to. I'm going to be running obdII diagnostics in the near future and get a really good feeling of how it performs before, and after.
I highly recommend picking up a Cobb Accessport. It's an OBDII tuning/datalogging/code-reading device. While they've just updated to V3 (and increased the pricing accordingly), there are quite a lot of V2a and V2b models floating around for significantly reduced prices as a result. The functionality between models is quite similar, though the newer model looks much nicer, and can display 6 parameters at the same time rather than only 1. The only other major difference is that the data-logging rate is a bit higher on the newer versions.

Obviously, you'll want to take data points before and after each modification you make to avoid any potential issues and diagnose any problems that might arise.

Interestingly, the MZR DISI comes with unequal length exhaust runners as well. As a result, once you've removed some of the restrictive baffling, you start to hear what I now hear. Here's a quick vid of my car for a point of reference:

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