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SFDMALEX 01-07-2006 12:07 AM

Moderator Announcement
From now on I would like to see more appreciation for peoples work around this section of the forum. And the rest too I guess, I am certain that other moderators share the same opinion. But this is coming strictly from me.

I would like to see more "Thank you"s when people post something. Actually write something if you opened the thread, watched a video, pics, or read an article.

I don't want to see 100 page views and 3 replies to the thread.

More appreciation for peoples work, you have no idea what an effect it has. But there is nothing worse then busting your ass to share a video, or scan a magazine article, or post a bunch of pics spending hours making IMG tags and such, or resize the pics for them to fit the screen without you having to scroll only to see 2 people say thank you, while the hits just keep coming and coming.

So please, show your appreciation. A simple thank you means a lot.

If I don't see people doing this then I will simply lock threads and remove links, easy as that. Love me or hate me, I don't care, but things need to change.

Cheers and have fun in the Scuderia Ferrari forum.


Jabba 01-07-2006 03:36 PM

Thats so true....doesn't take more than a few seconds to make a comment about something that might have taken hours to make available.

Same goes for the video vault.

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