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Originally Posted by Pokiou View Post
You know what. I was going to buy this game. BUT i am now boycotting ferrari.. so fuck that shit.

Still the best car I've ever driven... i'm not likely to buy this one...
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It'd be pointless to get the PS2 version of the game, so I'll give it a pass.
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Originally Posted by nthfinity View Post
Still the best car I've ever driven... i'm not likely to buy this one...
I bought it and was deeply unimpressed initially, as the cars felt unresponsive, woolly, and the physics just seemed rather unrealistic compared to various other racers I've used over the years.

Once I got a bit farther in and began reducing the number of aids I was using, the cars started to feel a lot better, began responding in more predictable ways and it became far, far easier to understand what was going on from behind the wheel. That being said, I'm still not completely sold on how well the competition works. I have to say the AI is far better than GT5 and it makes passing without contact quite interesting...you have to be very clean and find openings or create them very quickly and precisely. In any case, I'm starting to really like the game...though the graphics aren't as good as GT5, and the car-modelling isn't as impressive either, it's still pretty damned good.

Anywhoo...back to work...then back to play
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