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Default October '07 Top gear and CAR issues you should get!

Top Gear

Or Jeremy's back yard, as it's also known. This month, Top Gear headed to the Isle of Man, the most enthralling no-limits road circuit, to drive some of the best performance cars in the world.

In true TG real-world spirit, there were no stopwatches, no timing lights and no dragstrips. The only instruments we used to judge the cars were the seat of our pants and the Stig.


Video: Isle of Man - Camping

Video: Isle of Man - Photoshoot

CAR Magazine:

Son of McLaren F1

CAR Magazine has compiled a secret dossier on the next McLaren supercar, the P11, with the help of Woking insiders. Check out the new issue for five exclusive images of the purebred sports car, as well as a full profile of its nemesis, Ferrari's new 430 Scuderia. Elsewhere, we appraise the love-it-or-hate-it Jaguar XF, get a sneak preview of Ford's next Fiesta and we're the only mag to ride in the new Aston Martin DBS. Plus all the regular news, columns by Gavin Green, Mark Walton and Chris Chilton, and first drives of Mercedes' new C63 AMG and Volkswagen's crazy Golf, the W12.

Ferrari v McLaren

We compare the new Ferrari 430 Scuderia with the secret McLaren P11, the next supercar from Woking. The Scuderia is as quick as an Enzo around Fiorano and uses Ferrari's latest lightweight tech and engine know-how for astounding results. It's exactly the car McLaren has in its sights for the F1 successor, the hardcore P11. Read our world exclusive scoop for the full story.

Jaguar XF: the future starts here

Words like 'seminal' and 'make-or-break' are oft-bandied around, but it seems appropriate here. Jaguar is backed into a corner and is up for sale. Can the new XF succeed where the S-type failed? We have the answer with a 14-page profile of Coventry's most important, and controversial, new car for a generation.

Oh my god, what've they done to the Ford Fiesta?

Ford's Verve is a thinly veiled teaser for 2008's new Fiesta. Mundane is out, sassy style is in. We pass the microscope over the future of small Ford design.

Aston Martin DBS by its creator

CAR Magazine is the only mag in the world to ride shotgun in the DBS alongside the company's talismanic leader, Ulrich Bez. But isn't it just a DB9 in fancy clothes and a dollop of 007 cool? Ben Oliver is the lucky man in the passenger seat to find out.

The art of car chases

How Quentin Tarrantino is putting gritty realism back into car chases in his new film Death Proof. We smell the burning rubber as we speak to the director on the set of 2007's hottest new car chase movie. Wildly oversteering Dodge Charger and Ford Mustang included.

Porsche and Lambo's new diet regime

Take one 911 and one Gallardo. Strip out unnecessary toys, do away with the pampering niceties for commuters. Tweak mechanicals accordingly. You're left with two of the hardest sports cars of 2007. We take the 911 GT3 RS and Gallardo Superleggera on a road trip to western Scotland.

Burning the mid-sized oil

Diesels are so good now, few buyers bother with the thirstier, more heavily taxed and more frenetic petrol models. We take three of the best - the latest A5, 3-series CC and C-class - on a trip to see just how much the old order has changed.

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Thanks for the infos mate. I am a Car subscriber but I think that I will also try to get Top Gear this month Sound promising and I saw a Caparo T1
The trailer also shows all the work they have to make these events !! Not surprising Top Gear TV needs a break sometimes ...
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wow sounds like 2 very good issues indeed... CAR magazine interests me the most
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Many of those TG journos seem to be more fashion victims than petrolheads
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On the video anyone but the chik in "Murthélago" was funny... i leike her dude in the hat was trying too much to be topgearish
Thanx for the linkys Blue8

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