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Default EVO #109

Planet Evo
We’ve had a sneak peak at Lotus’s future. We’re also offering you the chance to vent your motoring spleen

The new M3 has had you attacking your keyboards this month

Cover Story: Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Still want that Superleggera?

Cover Story: New 911 GT2
It’s the return of the turbocharged, rear-wheel-drive, utterly terrifying 911

Cover Story: Scary Cars
We gather together Cobra, F40, Cerbera, Stratos and 996 GT2. Jethro Bovingdon straps on an adult nappy and ups his valium intake

Pikes Peak
This ‘hill climb’ would be a near-death experience at 20mph in a Land Rover. Richard Meaden went a lot faster

1000bhp Omega
Yes, a Vauxhall Omega. Wondering how fast it’ll go? Roger Green went to Germany to find out

Golf W12
VW, company of restraint and sensible shoes, has put a Bentley engine where the Isofix points should be in a Golf

Vauxhall VXR8 v BMW 335i
Both rear-wheel drive, both four-door saloons, but which is the better drivers’ car?

Maser GT v Aston V8
The playing fields of Eton were already taken, so the Stelvio pass is the pitch for this high-class match

Long-term tests
We’ve got a new addition to the fleet – a Nissan Micra. It’s fast, LOUD and rear-wheel drive. Yes, that’s M, I, C, R, A

350Z racer 156
Round 3 of the Championship sees us tackling Donington in, er, interesting fashion

Apparently, Lily Allen receives the grey envelope each month. On Natasha Bedingfield’s recommendation

The Knowledge
Thought you knew your car’s star rating? Look again

Birth of an Icon.
We remember when the Subaru Impreza was born, into a blue cot with gold wheels

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Thanks for this info I don't regret to be a subscriber
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Scans please
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Could anybody please scan the F430 Scuderia and the 997 GT2 article ?
It's not about how fast you go, it's about how you go fast. - Enzo Ferrari
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