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Default Harry Potter 7 : the Deathly Hallows

Just finished to read it. Of course no spoilers but it was the end of the series and it's quite sad even if it had to stop one day ...

Concerning the book itself, I would say that there were lot of actions and revelations but it's not the best of the series IMO especially at the end but maybe it's just because I am disappointed to know it's finished I will wait to read it in french to make a final statement.
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my cousin is reading through it right now and cant get enough of it,reading it on his lunch breaks at work lol,i had a break after reading the first few and im just reading book 6 now and im loving it.

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IMO, it's the best Potter book among them all. HOWEVER...

The ending is as cliche as they come. It's a great ride 'till then though.
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It's good in the sense that it answers some questions and brings an end to the series. However i don't think the storyline is that great, especially the ending like others have said here.

Also, i think she's trying to make the book darker and shows the stress and hoplessness of the main character, but i don't think her words are quite there yet. It still seem more suitable for children story book of more cheery type. May be just me..

Either way, still a great read, i finished it in 3 days and became sleep deprived haha
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I have read all the 7 books , all of them are wonderful .
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