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Default Evo 110

Issue 110
From M1 to latest M3, all the M Division icons tested in one giant shootout. Also Lamborghini Reventón: a Murciélago with a radical carbon body, plus evo's long-awaited performance tyre test. On sale now.

018 Planet evo
The Farbio (nee Farboud) is revealed, three new Astons debut at Frankfurt and Audi takes the safety catch off its most potent model to date: the 572bhp twin-turbo V10 RS6

059 Letters
This month you are mostly hating us for redesigning the magazine and revising the ratings in The Knowledge

068 Cover Story: Lamborghini Reventón
It’s a Murciélago with a radical carbon body, a 1 million euro price tag and an unusual name

078 Cover Story: Best M-car ever
You’ve probably got a favourite, but is it the right one? We spend three days with thirteen of M GmbH’s finest, from M1 to new M3, to find the all-time number one

104 Vanquish Ultimate Edition
Drive the last Vanquish from Newport Pagnell to Gaydon? Too obvious, too short; we went to Scotland instead

114 Apollo Mission
If you reckon the Enzo and Zonda are a bit poncy, this aggressive, ugly little devil with its 690bhp twin-turbo V8 is just what you need

120 Tyre Test 2007
We put nine performance tyres through the most rigorous and exhaustive test. Winners and losers revealed

132 SLK55 AMG Black Series v 911 GT3
The baby Benz with attitude costs almost as much as a GT3. Can it really be that good?

141 Long-term tests
Barker bids a long, lingering farewell to our Audi RS4, Simon George says a cheery hello! to his new Murciélago LP640 and Harry’s beast has never looked – or felt – better

158 350Z racer
Opposite lock and locked wheels enliven Jethro’s adventures at the fourth round of the Sport Maxx Cup

162 The Knowledge
Your car has been docked half a star. You are now the butt of your mates’ jokes. Your life is ruined. Not. Get over it!

194 Icon: Integrale
Remarkably successful rally car and exceptional road car: we salute the Lancia Delta HF Integrale

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Received it this morning I have to read it now
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Need a scan of this please!!
"If you even look at that engine, it'll kill you" - JC
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^ I second that
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