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Default evo 108

Issue 108
In this month's magazine: BMW's new M3 tested, plus we find out how it stacks up to Audi's snarling RS4; Superleggera vs. 911 GT3 RS; the real Jap-spec Civic Type-R; Fiat 500 battles Twingo; the greatest Lambo.

New M3
Is that a powerdome in your trousers or are you just pleased to see the new V8 M3? It’s the most widely anticipated car of 2007 and Richard Meaden’s been to Malaga to drive it. Sideways

M3 v RS4
Clearly the benchmark the BMW M3 has to beat is Audi’s RS4, so we snuck one out to Spain for a direct comparison. Both have high-revving V8s. Both cost £50K. Both have manual gearboxes. Both have 414bhp. Er, both of them are red. Umm, Ian Botham likes them both, too… possibly

The Greatest Lamborghini
Countach Anniversary, Diablo 6.0, Murciélago LP640 and Gallardo Superleggera. We choose our favourite. On the best roads in the country. In the sunshine. It just doesn’t get any better

The real Civic Type-R
When Honda launched the angular, grandma-scaring Civic Type-R hatchback earlier this year we were mildly underwhelmed. Then we discovered that in Japan you can get a proper, hardcore Civic Type-R and we were very annoyed. Solution? Find an imported one and discover exactly what we’re missing out on

Superleggera v 911 GT3 RS
Fresh from the Lambo-fest in Wales, we take the Gallardo Superleggera along to the Bedford Autodrome to pit it against the stopwatch – and the totally fabulous 911 GT3 RS

Fiat 500 v Renault Twingo
There’s a baby boom at the moment as cars finally start getting small again. Our smallest road tester, John Simister, decides whether they’re as fun to drive as they are to look at
Honda Civic Type-H, Thorney Europa R, Morego Cooper S T-spec, Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet, Volvo T70 T6, Caterham Roadsport 150, PGO Cévennes, Jaguar XJR

Planet evo
Ferrari and Gordon Murray Designs have both shown us their futures this month and they don’t weigh very much. We’ve also had a look at the new Anglesey circuit

The Caparo T1 has brought the fountain pens and Basildon Bond out in force. Someone also flourished their Parker (or is that Parka?) to tell us about mountain bike gears

Long-term tests
Andy Morgan’s Dale Winton-coloured ST has left but Chee has got his hands on a runner-up coloured TT, Jethro’s bagged an elegiac Mini and Ev has a Ferrari Cupra, or something. Word of the month is in there too (last month’s was ‘mumbo’)

The Knowledge
We’ve been going through the Knowledge with a fine-tooth comb. Some of the prices may still be wrong, but at least the head lice have gone

Birth of an Icon: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
Next time a boy racer in an Evo IV with a big dump-valve pulls up alongside you at the traffic lights and sits there revving his nuts off, just say ‘Nice Persona’ to him and see if he gets the joke

-- Although the M3 vs RS4 test was already posted here, I'd still buy this issue! The GT3 RS vs Gallardo SL and Lamborghini supertest is something to look forward to

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Can't wait to put my hands on this number M3 vs RS4, SL vs GT3 RS
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Very interested by the Lamborghini part
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