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Default Evo 106

This month's evo
Issue 106
In this month's magazine, 2007's most important group test - can the Audi R8 depose the Porsche 911 as the world's best sports car? Also Toyota Prius myths dispelled, F1 at the Nurburgring and Dino Ferrari's story. On sale now

30th May 2007

Audi R8 v BMW M6 v Porsche 911 C4S v Prodrive V8 Vantage
This is quite possibly 2007’s most important group test. Of course, you think you know which one wins already, don’t you? This is good old, rear-engined evo after all. Well, the victor certainly comes from a company with great standing at Le Mans. And yes, it’s a German manufacturer on top of the podium. It’s got four-wheel drive too. All of which means it’s probably not the Aston…

Audi R8 figures and lap time
Having set about its rivals like an angry haddock, the R8 then moved on to the task of taking apart Millbrook’s mile straight and Bedford’s West Circuit

News from Planet evo
The new Nissan GT-R has been spied testing and should be with us next year. Also, if you want to know which cameras our photographers use to get their shots, have a look at Essentials

Vauxhall VXR8, APR 911 Turbo, Rolls-Royce Phantom DHC, Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG, Audi A5 3.0 TDI quattro, Ford Mondeo Titanium X, BMW 535d M Sport Touring

Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series
Whilst Audi’s busy sticking the knife into the standard 911, AMG has decided to have a go at the GT3. Jethro Bovingdon goes hardcore in LA

BMW F1 car at the Ring
Thirty-one years after a Grand Prix was last held at the Nordschleife, ‘Quick Nick’ Heidfeld takes his 2006 BMW Sauber Formula 1 car into the Green Hell. Richard Meaden peers over the Armco – and looks back at some of the old Ringmasters

BMW 130i v Alfa Brera v Audi S3 v Mazda 3 MPS
If you’re searching for the Tesco Finest of hatches then you’ve got a wealth of choice. From front- to rear- to four-wheel drive. From turbo four to V6 to in-line six. John Barker tastes the difference

Prius v Panda
Toyota’s Prius makes sense if you need to avoid paying the congestion charge, but what’s it like away from the city? Richard Porter finds out

Dino – the definitive story
Peter Tomalin achieves a long-held ambition to drive a 246 GT on the roads around Maranello and looks back at the short, tragic life of Dino Ferrari

Nissan 350Z racer
Even if you don’t like racing it’s worth checking out this feature for the picture of Jethro in a cap. No idea why he was wearing it…

Someone thinks the new Impreza is the creation of a fool called April, and one of you has seen a Radical on the Queen’s highway. Meanwhile, Vauxhall has been in touch regarding our verdict on the new Astra, and seems that we’re not alone in having headlight problems with a Renault. Interesting…

Apparently a grey envelope slaps the doormats of both Angelina Jolie and Stephen Fry every month

Long-term tests
The Astra VXR has torque-steered its way out of the evo car park for the last time, but happily a BMW 335i Touring arrived shortly after (before promptly disappearing to Italy). Meanwhile, the R32 has been researching its family history

The Knowledge
It’s the motoring version of spot-the-difference every month. Beats Sudoku anyway

Birth of an Icon: Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16
Try saying the full name of this icon in casual conversation at a party. Or you could save time and walk in clutching a sign saying ‘Unwashed Car Geek’. The effect’s pretty much the same, trust me

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I thought the 911 would won this, but I guess they consider the R8 better than the Porsche....
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The R8 was extremely fast at Bedford, impressive laptime.
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Originally Posted by gangajas
The R8 was extremely fast at Bedford, impressive laptime.
^ What's its laptime?

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Once again, bring on the scans The R8 comparison should be very interesting!
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Originally Posted by blue8
Originally Posted by gangajas
The R8 was extremely fast at Bedford, impressive laptime.
^ What's its laptime?
According to Kreso at Rennteam forums:


"Tires on R8 were new P Zero Hero's(the same one as on 599GTB)."
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