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I got my heart on Webber. Im sure if he went to a good team with reliable and faster cars(ferrari or mclaren) he would produce wonders.. I see him as a strong contendor to replace Massa...
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You're only saying that because you're from Australia lol

Webber is indeed very fast and a good driver who deserves a better and more reliable car but I think he is too old for Ferrari They would invest more in a young and up-and-coming driver like Vettel perhaps (although the German has yet tio impress this season as he retired on the first lap in 3 races due to a collision)

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Webber has a great way of making slow cars faster than they should be. He's consistently bettered Coulthard despite Coulthard's greater experience. Provided the car doesn't blow up, he'll be strong. However, I think he's missed his chance at greatness. No top team will hire him because there's no developmental potential. There's no certainty he'll be loyal because he owes no team anything.
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