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Wink XBOX 360 live - PGR4

Hey Guys
Just been playing Project Gotham Racing 4 and wondered who from MotorWorld also plays this FANTASTIC game?!
If any of you fancy a 'race' at some point - my gamer tag is: Proudler
Post your gamertags below or just add me
(Just add a message when you add me that your from Motorworld)
let the racing begin
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I have the game... but haven't done much online play, or any play in some time. I recently picked up a ps3 and GT5 p... name is nthfinity on PSN

xbox live name = nthfinity 2

next time i turn on the hexbox, i'll add you
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Ive been playing alot more recently. Hate the new interface of the game after PGR3 so didnt play it much when i first got it but now that I unlocked the ring. Im happy again =D

"Jolly Roger 9" mention your from motorworld if you add me otherwise you'll be denied
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I got Forzamotorsport 2 and GT5 : P Currently playing Gt5 a bit each evening, really nice game.

Tag on xbox and PS3 : Kimky
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