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Default EA takes over Rockstar!

OMG i can just see it now... GTA series is going to be stepped on like they did with need for speed

Taken from Game Spot.

Yesterday, Electronic Arts' bid for Take-Two went hostile, as the company took its $2 billion offer directly to Take Two's shareholders. In February, EA had approached Take-Two execs with the deal, which they turned down, citing the primary reason as that they didn't believe the megapublisher was putting enough money on the table.
Now, EA chief executive officer John Riccitiello has confirmed exactly why it is so interested in acquiring Take-Two in the first place. Riccitiello has told the BBC in an interview that he believes that Take-Two has four of the best studios in the video games industry: Rockstar, Irrational, Firaxis, and Visual Concepts. The one which EA describes as its "primary interest" is Rockstar, which counts Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, Bully, and Midnight Club among its franchises.
Riccitiello praised Rockstar, saying, "I believe the company is fully justified in calling themselves Rockstar because that's what they are in the industry."
He also claimed that the bid wasn't, primarily at least, motivated by a desire to see a competitor in sports games removed from the field. "Sports games are secondary consideration here," he said.
The exec also warned that he believed share prices would plummet should the takeover bid not be successful. "If we don't conclude this transaction, if we walk because of whatever level of inability to get this done, the scary thing is what the stock trades at after we leave, not after April 29," he stated.

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this is terrible news... i also fear that GTA will systematically be stomped into a conform game for all ages bullshit
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Its time for someone to go after EA for being an unhealthy monopoly.
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Originally Posted by RC45 View Post
Its time for someone to go after EA for being an unhealthy monopoly.
I hear you. This is really bad news.
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EA vs. Activision vs. Sony & Nintendo out on its own.
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This was inevitable, and unfortunately, only the beginning. EA wants anything that is making major moves in the industry to be under their branding.
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