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Default Audi A4 1.8T (B6)

2002 Dolphin Grey on Black A4 1.8T

As you guys know, I picked up this car a few months ago. To replace my E30 325i that was in totaled in an accident. I was actually surprise to find that Audi's depreciate so much so fast. So this was a pretty good bargain, especially considering this is a Quattro model as well.

Engine - 1.8L (1,781 cc) 20 Valves Inline 4 Turbo Charged
Power - 170 hp @ 5,900 rpm
Torque - 166 ft lb (225 Nm) @ 1,950 rpm
Weight - 1'595 kg
Acceleration 0-60mph - 7.8 secs
Fuel economy (out of town / town / mixed) - 8.1 / 17.1 / 11.3
Transmission - 5 Speed Manual

Options - Sports Package w/ 17" Wheels, Xenon headlamps, Glass Moonroof, Audi Symphony System (Bose), Leather Interior, Front and Side Curtail Airbags and of course Quattro.


Definitely one of the better looking Audis. The generation before B5, I thought it was a bit too soft. This one carries that over but adds a bit of sharp edges to it and it looks a lot more aggressive. Classic design but yet very modern looking. BMW could learn a thing or two. The sports package with the lower stance adds to the aggressiveness dramatically.


Again much of it was carried over from the B5. But never the less a few updates and a few guages were removed, the dash looks very modern. The center stack looks a bit busy, but again, modern. (In fact this B6 Generation interior design carried over to the B7 as well.)

Everything is very ergonomical and works well. The quality seems to be top notch, although I think it did drop off a bit from the B5.

Only grip is the arm rest. Everything is designed so well, you would think they could design the arm rest better. It isn't placed well, hand brake gets in the way, and physically it is too small to be comfortable.

How does it drive?
Surprisingly well. Very comfortable, excellent commuter/cruiser. I feel very relax when driving this car, especially long distance. The cabin isolate noise pretty well. As with most small engines, the engine lacks torque. So driving around in the city might take more rowing of the gears. The small turbo is suppose to help in this matter, but it seemed like you still have to revv it past 3,000rpm before feeling any grunt. But the great thing about a small engine is that it saves gas! On the freeway, I easily get over 30mpg, and around town it is usually over 20mpg. Definitely a big plus when gas is so expensive.

What are the most positive features of the car?
Quality material used, good noise isolation, very relaxing, excellent drive, good on gas and Bose Sound System.

Definitely one of the best stock sound systems I have heard. Puts the Harmon Kardon in the old E36 to shame.

What are the most negative features of the car?
Lack of torque, touchy electronics/electricals, not a DIY friendly car. (I noticed a lot of things in the manual that said "Please refer to your local Audi dealer." For god sakes, I just want to find out what size bulbs the turn signal uses.

Another note, had to take out the entire headlight assembly to change the left corner signal bulb.

How do you think this car compares to its direct competition? & Conclusion
Cars in this class would be MB C-Class, BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS, Infiniti G35.

It depends on your criteria when you are looking for a car. If you are looking for something that is sporty, without doubt, the BMW 3 Series is a better car. This car lacks the connection that the 3 Series offers. And that is true with the other competitiors, none of them really come close to the 3 Series as far as sporty feel wise. (A case can be made for the G35.)

If you looking for comfort, the Lexus IS and the MB C-Class are better suited. I think materials wise, the Lexus is a step above this Audi.

If you are considering price wise, the A4 definitely isn't cheap, although the 1.8T is cheaper than the others, but not when comparatively equiped, the Japanese cars wins there. And depreciation wise, this car is horrible. All the other cars holds their value better than this.

Design wise, it is always debatable. But this definitely ranks up there for me, maybe even better than the 3 Series. Definitely better than the C Class, IS, and G35.

So nothing great out of this car, nothing that stands out and puts it above it's competitors, until when you consider the entire package. For me the 3 Series is still the benchmark of the class. But coming in second would be this Audi A4. Entire package it is all there.

Good job Audi for putting together a great package!


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Nice review, I love the B6, especially when fixed up!
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Thanks for the review. I know this car pretty well since it's the one I usually rent when I need some more boot or a GPS for long trips, so I know it pretty well and agree with you on everything basically
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nice review!

that 1,8T engine is one of my favourite engines of all time. it can be tweaked to the unrecognizable for little money.
"Driving the R8 is like smearing honey into Keira Knightly!" - Jeremy Clarkson
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