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I would say it is a far far cry from the baddest "custom car" in the world.

It looks like a half finished castaway from some guy's garage with too much time on his hands.

It is not a V16 - it is just two v8s with some cheesy aftermarket parts sprinkled on them.

The roof section looks horrible when it is slapped onto an open tube structure. The wobbliness of the "roof" when it tilts is laughable, and from what I seen the fabrication fit and finish look like a high school shop class drop-out took his arc-welder to it.

I am NOT impressed. His coupler he had to "create" looks like nothing more than an industrial driveshaft coupler that I can buy locally. I have neighbors that have cooler hot rods than this thing, and I would think better built judging by what I see in the vids.

It is a interesting concept, that has failed horribly in execution IMO.
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