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Default Metallica new song fron Death Magnetic

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Greatest Metal band of all times. I dont care if they never write another good song..

That didnt sound so terrible but they lost that crispness of their old music.

Holy, go Lars...

Wow it sounded like metallica during the solo on cyanide. Almost sounds like super early metallica. Boo I wanted to hear and justice for all there at the end
Coming soon.
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I was at a Metallica gig a week ago, in Dublin, it was brilliant... Cyanide sounded fantastic live. The only crap thing was that some dick in a mosh pit stepped in on the side of my ankle and sprained it, and I was in the first aid tent when they played One, and it's my favourite song of theirs. Still totally epic though, and I caught one of Trujillo's picks at the end

Tenacious D were supporting, that ruled too. ~30,000 people singing Double Team was one of the best experiences I've ever had.
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I'm hearing and hoping that trujillo hjas more input to the band. The last few albums ain't been kind to the band but i am a bit excited about this. Good song!
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dr vinyl
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I also grew up on this stuff,
But Metallica is about the only band Ive kinda followed since.

Ive been listening to Death Magnetic 4 times now & I think its better than & justice 4all
I lost all interest with st angry for me it was angry.
I recently downloaded a doc on the relase of death Mag & this sparked some nice memorys.
I last saw Metallica Live in DUBLIN 3 & 4 october 1988 with Danzig supporting..
I have come to terms with the fact that they & nobody else will ever touch their first relases
kill em all
ride the lightining
master of puppets
Garage days & the bsides of creeping to death 12..
Back to Death Mag the production is a bit wierd but diffently an improvement on st.anger
& James voice reminds me of the old days..
WTF how could they go wrong with Rik Ruben.
Id like to hear a remix with phat hiphop beats & a bit of scratchin trown in...
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