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Default Concerts this past year?

on my vacation way from jabbasworld er... motorworld....
i took some of my free time to see some concerts...
this are all the ones from recent memory (well may 07)

May 11th: Arctic Monkeys [first row/mosh]
May 16th: The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello) [first row]
June 28th: Air Traffic (Rock Werchter)
June 28th: Zornik (Rock Werchter)
June 28th: Air (Rock Werchter)
June 28th: Marilyn Manson (Rock Werchter)
June 28th: Bjrk (Rock Werchter)
June 28th: Beastie Boys (Rock Werchter)
June 28th: Muse (Rock Werchter)
June 29th: The Van Jets (Rock Werchter)
June 29th: Enter Shikari (Rock Werchter)
June 29th: Kings Of Leon (Rock Werchter)
June 29th: Kaiser Chiefs (Rock Werchter)
June 29th: Bloc Party (Rock Werchter)
June 29th: Queens Of The Stone Age (Rock Werchter)
June 29th: Arctic Monkeys x2 (Rock Werchter)
June 29th: Satellite Party (Rock Werchter)
June 29th: Pearl Jam (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: The Bravery (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: Razorlight (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: Blonde Redhead (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: Klaxons (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: Snow Patrol (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: The Killers (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: Peter Gabriel (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: The Good The Bad and The Queen (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: LCD Soundsystem (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: Keane (Rock Werchter)
June 30th: The Chemical Brothers (Rock Werchter)
July 1st: !!! (Rock Werchter)
July 1st: Cold War Kids (Rock Werchter)
July 1st: Maxmo Park (Rock Werchter)
July 1st: Mastodon (Rock Werchter)
July 1st: The Kooks (Rock Werchter)
July 1st: Interpol (Rock Werchter)
July 1st: Incubus (Rock Werchter)
July 1st: Metallica (Rock Werchter)
July 1st: Faithless (Rock Werchter)
July 3rd: The Arctic Monkeys x3 (Paris Zenith)
Jul 14th: Roger Waters - Dark Side of the Moon Tour
Jul 23rd: The Police
Aug 1st: Muse x2
Aug 2nd: Incubus
Aug 5th: Daft Punk
Aug 7th: The Cribs
Aug 18th: Dream Theater
Sep 28th: Bloc Party
Oct 3rd: The Hives
Oct 12th: Van Halen
Oct 28th: Iggy & the Stooges (Vegoose)
Oct 28th: Queens of the Stone Age (Vegoose)
Oct 28th: The Shins (Vegoose)
Oct 28th: Daft Punk x2 (Vegoose)
Oct 29th: MUSE x3 (Vegoose)
Dec 10th: LED ZEPPELIN!!!!! (O2 arena LONDON)

2008 Concert Line Up

March 3rd: The Hives
March 16th: Iron Maiden
March 22nd: Foo Fighters
May 15th: The Cure

future concerts:

Aug 5th: Nine Inch Nails
Aug 15th: Radiohead
Sept 22nd: Sigur Rs
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