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Default EVO #111

We’ve got the new Impreza STI, all the cool stuff from Frankfurt and a phone with a fingerprint reader

Aabarth Grande Punto, Ferrari 612 HGTC, Audi A4 3.2 Quattro s-line, Mini one

This is the place where you get to let off both barrels about anything that appears in evo that you’re not happy with

Cover Story: Mitsubishi Evo X
The return of the rice rockets starts here. Richard Meaden drives the Evo X and finds it very good indeed

Cover Story: New Impreza
It’s a bit of an exclusive this – a new Impreza on both Welsh roads and a Welsh circuit

SEGA Rally v The Real Thing
Can a computer game, even one as good as this, hold a pixelated candle to the real thing?

Porsche GT2
Bought a Carrera GT because you wanted the fastest Porsche around the Nordschliefe? Bad luck

Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Bought an Enzo because you wanted the fastest Ferrari around Fiorano? Bad luck

La Storia di Fiorano
Ferrari’s test track – it’s up there with Tarantino’s private cinema or Vivienne Westwood’s wardrobe

Silverstone 24hr race
Our 350Z racer takes on its biggest challenge yet. By the end it looks cooler than ever. The drivers look knackered

Cooper S Works v Clio 197 F1 Team R27
There’s a place on next month’s Car of the Year resting on the outcome of this…

Buying Guide: Merc SL55 AMG
It’s a lot cheaper than buying a P51 Mustang yet sounds just as good and is easier to get into tunnels

Stola RK on the Trento Bondone
Exterior by Studio Torino, internals by Ruf, Europe’s longest FIA hillclimb by Italy

Lewis and Alonso fight over the copy that flops into the McLaren motorhome each month

Long-term tests
John Barker has blagged himself an M3 (jammy beggar), and Simon George is having second thoughts about his LP640…

The Knowledge
See how many five-star diesels you can find...

Icon: Fiat 500
Ian Eveleigh thinks The Italian Job was a pants film because it didn’t use this car

<-Looks like a really good #
Barker having M3, STI vs EvoX comparison, LP640 talk, GT2 vs Scuderia head2head and so on.
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Please scan the GT2 and F430 Scudderia segments
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