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Default EVO #105

Road and Track Car of the Year 2007
16 contenders, the greatest circuit in the UK for two full days, and Lincolnshire’s finest roads. It was a gruelling few days but such are the lengths to which we’re prepared to go in order to find our Road and Track Car of the Year.

First John Barker dissects each car’s ability on the rough-and-tumble of Britain’s dilapidated roads, dodging stones and wildlife in the crazy Atom, inhaling pure Super Unleaded in the Hi-Tech GT40 Continuation and praying that his licence will be intact when it’s all over.

Then Richard Meaden straps himself into all the contenders and goes for broke around the tortuous, wonderful and slightly scary Cadwell Park race circuit. What will be quickest? Which of his dozen heavily branded overalls will he model? All will be revealed over 37 pages and 12,000 words.
Best put the kettle on…

News from Planet evo
BMW reveals its Porsche Panamera rival, powered by that fabulous 5-litre V10 engine. We’ve also got all the secrets of the new M3’s 4-litre V8, full details of the new Impreza WRX (you might want to skip these pages) and pictures of Ruf’s new supercar

Audi S5, Renaultsport Mégane dCi 175, Honda Civic Type-R-R, Mini Cooper D, Mazda MPS Sports Aero Kit, Skoda Octavia vRS TDi, Vauxhall Astra 1.6i Turbo

Icons reborn? Clio R27 F1 and Peugeot 207 GTI
Once upon a time Peugeot made great cars, and then it all went horribly wrong. Renault took up the baton, but has recently fumbled slightly with the gifted but gutless Clio 197. Can the new 207 GTI capitalise and recapture the magic of the iconic 205 GTI? And has Renaultsport sprinkled its magic dust on the 197 just in time with the new R27 version? Catchpole decides

Freddie Hunt interview
James Hunt was perhaps the most charismatic world champion ever. Now his son is embarking on a racing career of his own. Mark Forsyth talks to Freddie on the eve of his first race

Super-estates: M5 Touring v RS4 Avant
2000 miles, five countries, over 900bhp and an awful lot of boot space: ‘epic’ is the only way to describe this test. Jethro Bovingdon melts his credit card in dozens of European petrol stations. Kenny P relaxes in the passenger seat

Legends: Jaguar XJ13
Usually our ‘Legends’ have incredible competition history, or ushered-in a new era in their particular race category. The XJ13 is famous for what might have been – and for being one of the most beautiful cars ever created. John Simister reports

The agonies and ecstacies of being a Lotus follower, both sides of the 4x4s/global warming debate, and one reader leaps to Gordon Murray’s defence. And after another reader slammed Harry Metcalfe for driving too fast when he was 17, this month Harry’s dad has a go at him not tidying his room. Probably

Long-term tests
Peter Tomalin says ‘toodle-pip’ to the XK, Porter bids farewell to our SEAT Leon and Harry’s Zonda hasn’t broken down! Don’t worry, normal service will be resumed the next time he drives it

The Knowledge
The Porsche 911 is featured here 29 times, the Caterham 7 appears 10 times. So in terms of Knowledge appearances, Porsche wins again

Birth of an Icon: Lotus 7
Quite simply the icon of icons. In 2007 the Lotus 7 celebrates its 50th birthday. We’re just happy some bloke called Colin designed it in the first place. Ian Eveleigh charts the evolution from 40bhp dawdler to 250bhp screamer

Looks really promising
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"full details of the new Impreza WRX (you might want to skip these pages)"

:roflmao: :roflmao:
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Motor Trend published pics of what the next WRX Sti is gonna looke like. Seems they went all hot hatch for the British market. I personally dont mind it all that much. I think it looks alot better then what I was expecting and Im sure it will become the top mega hot hatch.

I can tell you flat out, however, that if Subaru tries that in the US market there will be alot of STi's sitting on lots and alot of the new Evo's screaming by on the streets past them . Americans do not like hot hatches for the most part. Only the VW R32 has really acheived cult status in the US but, to most of us, hot hatches are just a little to girly, a little too cute, a little too small (rarely a V-6 and never a V-8) and there is just something about the way they look that just doenst appeal. Bland and Boring.....to yank eyes anyway.
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The Trackcar of the year feature sounds very interesting!
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Check the link for new videos!

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