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Originally Posted by philip View Post
Ok is the new season of TopGear starting in America tonight?

I guess I will find out as I have it set to Tivo. Sounds fun with the GT-R in Japan.

Last week I watched some kind of awards show, with a car that wasnt on the show or pictured, winning car of the year.

I dont seem to know many of the people who drive the small blue car around the track. Many times they are introduced as "needing no introduction" and I havent a clue who they are. Speaking of who, the guy was introduced as playing Dr. Who. I guess you have to have a scorecard to figure out who, Dr. Who is, cause I had never seen him before. Seemed young to play Dr. Who. I did know who Helen Mirren is but thats about it.
The new Season in the US wont start for some time; but is current in the UK right now. The said video is RIGHT HERE on the http://www.mininova.org/tor/

Click HERE
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The one they played last night was a repeat of one of the six I had seen. A disapointment, but I watched it again and enjoyed it as much as before.

Boy they sure run thru alot of tires.

I'm going to hold off watching the new ones here as I want to enjoy it on the big screen.

Its hard to wait as hearing here about the GT-R vs the bullet train sounds great.
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I award you the troll of the year.

It's an 06 dammit!
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man this thread is good fun...
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So you like have the whole seasons here. wow. I just remember seeing little best epilator 2019
 segments like a mini on a ski jump or bashing a Porsche into a concrete block wall.
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