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Default So I just went for a ride in the R35 GT-R (jesusmobile)...

Yes, I did in fact just had a first hand experience with the Jesusmobile. Flat out acceleration and hard cornering.

First impression...the acceleration is mind-blowing, spun all four on cold tires. The way this thing goes fast is kinda weird. It accelerates just as hard in every gear till 4th when we got off it because we were on a public road. Its just seamless, the shifts feel like little blips that just make the car go faster. It has no lag, it almost doesn't feel like a turbo car in any gear and it pulls ridiculously hard from very low RPM's. If it weighs 3800 pounds, then it hides it damn well. Its, dare I say it?, physics defying. The last time I felt acceleration like that was on an Ariel Atom 2, the supercharged one. The speed felt very similar, but while the Ariel felt like free energy was pushing it along, the GT-R felt like there was a giant invisible hand pushing it from behind. Like big big power pushing something with mass.

Seamless, as good as they say. Its just so fast and the downshifts are blipped perfectly. Imagine thinking about changing gear and being on the next gear already. It almost feels like you are accelerating again before the needle gets down RPM on the next gear up. On sport, it was a big jerky on the starts from dead stop, but in confort it was just brilliant. Like steptronic smooth for starts.

WTF? The ride is compliant, maybe a little bit stiff at times, but very confortable. I noticed a tiny bit of lean when entering corners, but once settled it stood flat all the way through. The tires, needless to say, are very very sticky. I could stick my nails into them when completely cold.. Set the suspension to R and wow, it stiffened up, roll was gone, it felt overall more responsive.

Now here's the area of debate...can a 3900lb car really do what people say it does? My answer to that is that the weight seems to dissapear. You know its there, you can feel it on turn in, but then it discipates and never comes back. Theres a combination of mechanical grip and technobox grip that I've never really felt before. We were nowhere near the limits of the cornering, but it was SO poised and in control when getting pushed around that I could feel you could never slide on the street. Its one of those cars that you need a track to have any sort of sense of where the limits are.

Brakes were great, interior was bearable. The seats held you in nice and snug, they are nice without being buckets. The Exhaust note wasnt there, but I hear it sounds like an F1 shrill with some exhausts. The owner of the dealer was telling me that his frined showed up the day before in his GTR with exhaust and it sounded amazing.

Keep in mind this guy has driven just about everything, he owns an exotics dealership. Before we went for a ride he said he knew it was good but it was too expensive for a car like that. After we got back, before he even got out of the car he said "Ok, I'm going to buy one, right now."
We went inside, he told his people there to find him one and buy it right that second. There was one for sale in Georgia for $95k and he said "no problem, call him right now" so we called the dude, but it was sold already

So to all the non-believers, RC and company. While its definitely not the fastest car in the world, it is definitely effin good and VERY VERY fast.

Some iphone pics..

Coming soon.
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