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Default Fifth Gear - S17 E07 - 15th July, 2010 - Discussion

This week, Formula One hero David Coulthard helps Tiff assess the Mercedes SLS AMG. Jonny and Vicki complete a mucky 4x4 challenge, and Jason puts one of the last great Ferraris to the test.

Mercedes is all set to storm into the supercar elite with the awesome new SLS AMG. The AMG subsidiary has been supercharging the German carmaker’s executive saloons for decades, but the SLS is the first vehicle to be completely designed and made in-house by AMG. Tiff heads to the Isle of Man to put the SLS through its paces, before discussing the pros and cons of the new vehicle with Formula One legend David Coulthard.

In response to the growing economic and environmental cost of owning a car, Lotus has recently developed an eco-friendly, more fuel efficient model of its classic Elise roadster. The new 1.6-litre engine is capable of an impressive 46mpg, which is comparable to most superminis. But have the green credentials cost the new Lotus Elise its sparkle? Vicki Butler-Henderson hits the road to find out.

Meanwhile, in Italy, Jason puts one of the last great Ferraris to the test. The 599 GTO is only the third model ever produced by the Italian car company to wear the GTO badge – the other two are now million-pound collectors’ items – and carbon-emissions legislation means it will probably be the last. The badge marks the Ferrari out as a road car primarily designed for racing, and the 599 does not let the side down. With a top speed of 208mph and 661bhp, Jason should be in for a scintillating drive.

Elsewhere this week, Jonny and Vicki don their wellies for an off-road challenge. The Land Rover Discovery and the Toyota Land Cruiser have both recently been given a host of new improvements, but which is really the toughest 4x4? The game presenters face a series of muddy challenges including a tug of war, a pond and a time trial to find out which one of the big names truly deserves to be crowned the best off-roader on the market.
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Excellent ep....action packed. Definitely one of the recent best
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Best 5th gear ive seen in years
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yes this new series is definitely the best one ever...
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