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Default Top Gear USA's Tanner Faust drives the Reventon for TG USA

Tanner tests his Top Gear skills on the Lambo Reventon

Posted Aug 31st 2008 1:53PM by Jonathon Ramsey
Filed under: Coupes, Sports/GTs, Etc., Supercars, Lamborghini

One-third of American Top Gear, Tanner Foust, spent a day in the Lamborghini Reventon, and here's his verdict: "Thumbs up big girl!" The fractional bit of additional horsepower didn't mean much to him, but he did say the brakes were more capable, and, surprise, the car is quite wide and people like to stare at it. After six hours on Italy's B-roads, that basically sums up his impressions. Since he didn't have too much to say in print, we really do hope he's saving the zingers for the show...
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Are they going to stage it in a race against an Eyetalian olive oil press up a greasy goat trail in the Alps the way TGUK does?

Or just have a good old "car test/review" of the thing?
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Well, being Tanner Foust, I expect to see it sliding around some mountain road a bit.
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