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Default rFactor

Hi all and good health! I was wondering if anyone here plays rFactor ( racing sim ) at all? Would be neat to organise a race or two if people play, I have access to a high speed dedicated server as a bonus. If you don't know much about the game, it's pretty good. Fairly realistic, depending on the mod, and the graphics are decent. Very, very large amount of add on stuff available and the game itself is totally open. This means if you don't like something in it or want something in it that's not there yet, you can make it with full support from the makers and the greater community. Here's a couple of links to check out if you like, ************ and ********* and for all things race sim, ********. Maybe see some of you on track sometime for some fun, currently into Rally X and drift.

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I play it constantly but not for the last 2 weeks as i moved into my new place and there is no internet yet.!
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