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What Do You Drive Or Ride ? No bullshit inside here please

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Smile My slightly tuned Honda Civic Type-R

So, I have *finally* gotten a new car and since I'm proud I thought I'd post about it here.

I haven't actually been active in the forums at all, and I'm fairly new here, but I'm really active with the torrents

My car:
Honda Civic Type-R -02 (EP3) in Nighthawk Black (I love the names for some car mfgs colors ).

Modifications from original:
Honda Integra Type-R DC5 Intake (the japanese version of the car is higher specced than the european)
Honda Integra Type-R DC5 Cams
Honda OEM JDM Transmission + diff.brake.
Honda OEM JDM Rear stabilizers
AEM CAI Cold Air Intake
Hondata K100 chip (to be exchanged for a dynamically programmable and very nice K-Pro in the spring)
DC Race Sports header
Testpipe (no catalytic converter, hrrm, )
J's Racing 60RS Titan Catback
Buddy Club RSD (Racing Spec Damper) coilovers
Camber adjustment kit
Rota Subzero 17x7.5 wheels with some Yokohama Advan tires (for street use)
Original Type-R wheels (painted white) with Toyo R888 R-tires for track use (will be getting some light 16" to replace these).
Hawk HP+ brake pads (original discs and calipers)
Aeroworks carbon fiber spoiler
Seibon carbon fiber hood
Oil temp gauge
Suede steering wheel

Oh, and the rev limit has been raised from 8200 to 8600 (it never stops )

It does have a stereo, with four speakers and tweeters mounted in original mounts, but honestly I haven't had it turned on since bought the car a month ago, the sound of the car is just so good. Besides, the exhaust is a bit loud so the stereo has a hard time competing with it hehe

I haven't got a chance (mostly bad weather) to take good photos of my car, but here are some I borrowed from the previous owner

On the track, with the wheels as seen in my crappy picture further below:

Posing, slightly dirty, on the street wheels and tires:

Here's my "proof of ownership custom picture":

In the picture: one original Type-R wheel, painted white, with my helmet and the owners manual and keys (taken with my crappy mobile camera). The wheel was white and shiny before I ran it on track yesterday and is now full of dust from the brakes (it's not because of the camera, it's that dirty). The floor isn't really dirty at all (it's just the crap picture, honest ). Haven't had time to clean the wheels yet.

I hope that picture is enough, if you want I can rearrange them any way you like and take a new picture if it's not!

I ran it on track for the first time yesterday (saturday, 23/8) and it ran like a dream. Lots to learn as a driver (very technical course as well), but the car is beautiful to drive hard!

It's stiff as hell right now because I haven't adjusted the dampers back from the track setting, at low speeds in town on cobbled road it's a bit bumpy to say the least!

I love my car

EDIT: Added a few bits and pieces I missed.

EDIT2: After getting a complete list of parts from the previous owner I realize I actually have Integra Type-R DC5 cams and intake, which isn't a bad thing because that means more hp

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i always liked that car
"Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... That's what gets you." Jeremy Clarkson
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I prefer the EG6 or EK, but you have one great car!!Nicely modified
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My neighbour has a standard one, loads of fun, I set it's brakes on fire though.
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Nice car!!
Check out my photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/am1988/:-)
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nice car

nice panning shot too!
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The Power of Dreams

Nice to have you in the Honda Comunity, i have 6. gen EK4 and also love it. You have a sweet ride m8
Honda Civic EK4
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i dont know wat it is but i love the ep3's, good 2 see this one in action... keep on workin on it
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Thanks guys!

I just noticed I have a small edit to do, totally forgot about my brakepads, the stock ones are great for street use but doesn't belong on track
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New stuff!

Made some impulse purchases (the prices were to good to pass ).

Not new but used and in good shape.

One of these:

Seibon carbon fiber hood.

And one of these:

A J's Racing 60RS Titan Catback.

My old system was too loud, both in car and outside, the major reason for changing being I couldn't pass the stringent 95dB track limit though. That I can now hear myself think inside the car is a great bonus!

The system is great, it's very quiet during normal driving conditions, no drone at all, but sounds very nice when I rev the engine.

It also weighs in at only about 4kg (about 8.8 lbs).

I have also driven the car on track and gotten some pictures, it's on Sturup Raceway here in Sweden. Great fun! The car handled like a dream and we had incredible luck with the weather as well (the autumn is here and the weather is not very stable). We managed to hit the best day of the whole month

Here's some pictures of me on track:

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Nice Type-R! I really wish they had sold those in the US rather than the wussy SI that we got those years. Also nice to see you are using it like it was designed for, should be a great car to get some track experience with.

We had a 99 Civic SI that we autocrossed with that was alot of fun. Bulletproof car, which was a plus.

"plus being able call your penis master chief during sex has got to be comical at least once"-gis
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