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Photo of the Month The MotorWorld 'Photo of the Month' Competition

View Poll Results: Which one is your favourite?
P_Zero_Rosso 13 5.39%
pzgren 18 7.47%
TT 20 8.30%
dingo 26 10.79%
MIHALS 6 2.49%
Smylait 12 4.98%
80ssportlover 4 1.66%
eurocopter 17 7.05%
sl55kleemann 1 0.41%
twboy1999 11 4.56%
komotar 8 3.32%
nthfinity 3 1.24%
salegosse 21 8.71%
Wutputt 10 4.15%
dani_d_mas 23 9.54%
Polouser 5 2.07%
stmoritzer 15 6.22%
dodo 25 10.37%
Titanboy_24 1 0.41%
magwheel 2 0.83%
speedracer38 0 0%
Voters: 241. You may not vote on this poll

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thanx Alex
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Old 04-03-2006, 08:26 PM   #33
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WTF .. The Eastern Bloc seems to be voting en-masse ... is the Iron curtain re-emerging????

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Old 04-03-2006, 10:17 PM   #34
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I gotta go with Eurocopter. the simplicity of that picture is stunning.
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Old 04-04-2006, 03:38 AM   #35
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Oooo :shock: :shock: very hard to choose this month

All pics submitted are awesome

But Komotar gets my vote
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Old 04-06-2006, 07:50 PM   #36
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I don't really evaluate when I look at the Photo of the Month submissions. I just scroll and usually, a few jump out at me and catch my eye. Most of the time, all the submissions are great, but there will be one or two that just really catch my eye...be it the car, the location or the whole sha-bang. This month, the eye catchers for me are:

Smylait's Enzo: The photo is just stunning. The car is in classis Ferrari Red and you can see the details of the building in the reflection in the hood. Shot from the front, you can really get a feel for how strange the car's nose is. I like this photo the most this month.

80sSportLover's Diablo: This one caught my eye because I am a Lamborghini lover. The aggressive Diablo is still one of my favorites and I dream of owning one some day, but know that it is likely out of reach because of maintenance and upkeep (as compared to the Audi-fied Murcielago, which may some day happen). What kept this one from being a winner is the fact that the car is on a slope and it takes away the fact that the Diablo has a rake to it, which really emphasizes the wedge shape of the design. I've looked and looked, but I'll have to take TT's word that there is an F50 and F1 back there...although the top of the F1 looks familiar, I would not have guessed the car from that tiny bit of car...my first thought was Saleen S7.

Salegoose's Miura and Dino: This one caught my eye because although they're not entirely familiar shapes to me (as compared to the new models), they are classic and shapely and beautiful cars to just stare at.

Wutputt's Veyron: I could not tell what I was looking at and still cannot tell. It looks like a scale model designed to be driven by Hollywood star's children?

StMoritzer's SLR: This one caught my eye because of the angle of the shot. It's low and creates a little bit of a fish-eye result because the car is wide. It made me take a double look.

MagWheels Ford GT: I liked this picture because it's in front of a country style house. The open country is normally not what I associate with cars of this caliber...instead, I tend to first think of high priced Hollywood homes instead. It makes me think of a home, that looks "normal" from the outside, and even the garage opening with a barn-style swing door, to reveal incredible cars hidden inside that nobody knows about.

The were all great submissions...
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Originally Posted by StanAE86
I don't really evaluate when I look at the Photo of the Month submissions. I just scroll and usually, a few jump out at me and catch my eye. Most of the time, all the submissions are great, but there will be one or two that just really catch my eye...be it the car, the location or the whole sha-bang.
Thats exactly what I do. The point of the photo of the month is to select the best photo of the month and not the best or favorite car.

Great job for everyone who's on submissions.
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Old 04-07-2006, 07:36 PM   #38
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My vote goes to dodo. Good job dodo.
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Old 04-09-2006, 03:14 AM   #39
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Danis Rally shot really hit the spot for me, the timing was pretty much perfect, its so hard to get shots like that.

Also dingos was well done, Sunsets by the sea with a nice car
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Old 04-09-2006, 09:28 AM   #40
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well, difficult decision once again.... at the end I gave my vote to magwheel
nice color of the car, good angle and with hthe house in the back, it's a complete pic, nothing disturbing IMO

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I'm surprised Polouser got only four votes. Because IMO it easily stands out as the best!

But tasted differ I suppose
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Let’s start voting and here’s a little explanation why:

P_Zero_Rosso: great photoshoot: nice chosen location, cars parked perfectly and a menacing sky, really suiting the cars. Though I would prefer the cars positioned a bit lower into the frame

Pzgren: exotics in the snow, I love ‘m Great pic, but I would have preferred a different angle, but that’s just personal

TT: Really nice photo, and I like the background, it contrasts with the colour of the car. IMO the pic would have been better if the truck was shown fully, or at least the trailer itself.

Dingo: great location near the water and the sunset makes it even look more beautiful. It’s perfection and the best pic you’ve ever taken. It looks like it comes out of the CLS brochure/

Mihals: great night pic, I like the orange/yellow reflection of the lights on the shoulders of the car. Though I like the car to be framed a bit lower.

Smylait: Great angle and a great background. But the pole, you can’t do anything about it, but it still ruins the pic a bit IMO.

80ssportlover: That’s a great location, the Diablo fits almost neatly into the dealership’s front window and the colour of the car contrasts nicely with the background. Well done!

Eurocopter: another great example of a great setting. The Range is a cathedral under the cars and here it’s parked in front of a real cathedral. Perfect!

sl55kleemann: a really nice angle, and nobody or nothing around to spoil the pic.

twboy1999: as I said in the topic in which you posted this photoshoot. This is an awesome location. Nice contrast between the car and the background. Though I would like the car framed lower into the pic.

Komotar: it’s just amazing to see how you always find new locations or set the location to your hand to take perfect pics. This one is no exception.

Nthfinity: nice evening shot. I like the glare of the lights.

Salegosse: great quality and I like the location. Two vintage Italians, an old vase on the wall and vineyards in the background. Perfect.

dani_d_mas: Well caught. The angle in which you took this pic adds to the ‘drama’. And the mountains in the background just makes it even better.

Polouser: really nice thing you’ve done with the long shutter opening and the cars driving by, but in this case I would have liked the camera to be positioned horizontal.

Stmoritzer: the master of SLR shoots at work Great angle to shoot the SLR and the building behind it adds to the ‘drama’ of the pic.

Dodo: this would have been a perfect shot if it small Lancia wouldn’t be parked behind the Gallardo. You can’t of course do anything about it (unless you steel it ), but it still ruins the pic.

Titanboy_24: Great angle, a nice background in combination with great polarizer effect. Perfect!

Magwheel: A really lovely 3/4the view of the car in front of the house, though you should try some other backgrounds, it would make the car stand out more.

Speedracer38: great panning shot, but I in this case I don’t really like the car to be framed more to the left. But that’s just personal.

And now my final vote: It goes to Dingo. Why? This is the pic which amazed me the most. And if you would have shown me it without Dingo's logos, I really would have thought it came out the CLS brochure. It's that good. And no I'm not saying this because he voted for me, though I would like to thank the anonymous guy out of Australia who transferred an interesting amount of money to my bank account
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Old 04-09-2006, 10:31 PM   #43
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Dani, you had perfect timing for that shot! My vote goes to you.. keep up the great WRC coverage!
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Polouser!! Wakey wakey. That's a 65 AMG not a 55.
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Old 04-11-2006, 03:33 PM   #45
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I would like to say few words about those pic, because they really nice work, some of them are amazing.

P_Zero.... I like the sun shining on the silver metal sheets, but the heavy clouds just ate the picture. I would get the cars closer. get a zoom lens. and catch them over lap a bit.

pzgren... Man! I wish I was there when you took the pic. I had never experienced proper snow fall.

TT,,,, PPPP/... Please get that P little bit into the frame. It is killing me...

Dingo.... Very classic. safe shot! and it might win my vote.....

MIHLAS.... I like that orange filmy like body, only if the asphalt was bluish, cooler tone. Very clean shot.

Smylait... hummm.. very difficult to say anything, but I would assume that you stood there all day, thinking which angle would you take. and by chance. front view... I would give it my 5/5

80ssportlover... I like the (P/) no parking sign, but a heavy Lambo in-front of Bentley is really making some statement. Love it.

sl55kleemann.... nice and clean//

twboy1999... WooooW! very smooth M5, VS rough wall texture ... Coool VS warm.. Really like it, but I wish more of the ceiling showed. Bring the M5 down in the frame, and fill the top part of the image with some redish horizontal lines and white light boxes... Very architectural image.

komaar... ,, I am so sorry, I'm running out of words... but the colors are out, the red sing only stands out
...I would like to see it in B/W but only the red sign.

nthfinity, .. That red splash paint in the backdrop is a nice effect from the break light..

salegosse.. very rare. but beautiful.

Wutputt. This one won my vote. I's just too funny.... Looks like those kids plastic toy car, where you push yourself with your leg... heheh poor Bugatti. Good one man.

dani_d_mas.. I can feel the momentum in that photo. have you taken that photo...

Polouser.. Night effect ha!.. get a torch light next time, and try to highlight some parts of the car, I tried it, and it is coool..

stmoritzer.. can there be a better view! see them from front for few seconds in rear view mirror, then they vanish in an eye blink..

dodo... I must be fair, but I love Galla,

Titanboy, very nice low effect, but it looks like chopped front bumper. just raise the image a bit, and show more of the sky/trees/house....

magwheel. Get down on your knees. and take a proper shot. Man! This would have been great. Use zoom lens + lower view, show more of the house/car.

Speedracer38 - Very very nice shot... Do those breaks get red... (Photoshop )

Those are some amazing photos guys! Wait till next months, I will join in, and hopefully win... LOL. j/k. I am really having some great images, and some very hard to beat...

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