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What Do You Drive Or Ride ? No bullshit inside here please

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Default 2014 Ford Mustang 3.7 V6

This is my first brand new car purchased on July 21, 2014 for around $25,000 after taxes, etc. I got it without any of the upgrades except for tinted windows, Ruby Red paint, and automatic transmission. Auto... I know, but I have no patience for stick. It's 6 speeds so not too bad. Only bad thing is these cars have a crappy 2-piece driveshaft to save fuel apparently, but I don't think it helps. It's limited to around 114mph and that's pretty sad for a 305hp car. Also the 215mm tires are pretty weak too. I just changed out my tires not too long ago and should've done the 225 but didn't to save money. At least they're rated H now for 130mph instead of the T it used to be at 118mph or something around there.. very sad. Anyway... here's the positives.

I have an Airaid cold air intake which I modified myself for max airflow. It definitely increases the hp. I haven't had it tested, just butt tested. LOL I also have a sport tune.. still at 87 to save money but every once in awhile will do 93 for fun. I have sport (drilled/slotted) brakes and red caliper covers with Mustang wording. Finally I have Goodyear TripleTred all season tires that are excellent in the rain, and good in snow/dry conditions. It doesn't sound like a lot but the car is very speedy.. just been beaten by a high end Benz, BMW, and a Charger R/T that someone obviously did a lot of work on. Other than that everyone's pretty much in my smoke ;p I know I'm not the fastest out there but definitely the faster of the late model V6s. I'm willing to take on any challenge. Still have yet to get to a track. I want to know my 1/4 mile as I don't have the track apps and how well I can do compared to others on a course.. not an oval either but something with tight turns and variety here and there.

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