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Default evo #64 - Ferrari buying guide (308 GT4, Mondial, 400i)

I'm in love with the GT4.. I always was.. and to see it is not impossible to own one if you are lucky, makes me dream

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thanks, dam those car are ugly except for the 308 gt4
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I just love articles like these, where they go and look for classic sportscars. Makes me dream to ever own one of these babies... maybe in the future... who knows

thx a lot for this article!!
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I would certainly like to own a 308 GT4. Many people don't like the styling, but IMO Bertone did some quality designing on this car. More so if you take into account what the assignment was: design a mid-engined 2+2 :shock:

A 308 GTB is a little higher on my list though. They're pretty cheap as well.

The 400 has never been a favourite of mine, but I can understand what attracts some people to it. Although a little bland, it's still graceful.

This particular Mondial does look quite good I think. The older ones with the black plastic air intakes in the side are less attractive.
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I love the GT4. Its something about it thats so attractive. AND THEY SOUND AWESOME. I heard a few around Toronto and they sould simply amazing, AMAZING.
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nice scans TT. i got to drive a Mondial once. sure it wasnt an Enzo or anything super special, but i was 17 in a Ferrari and it was plenty fast for me at the time. too bad the family friend that owned it sold it a few years back, i would love to try it out now that im a little more experianced at driving.

out of those 3, oddly enough i think i would want the 400 lol. put a newer Ferrari V12 or spice up the original engine and that would be a pretty sweet little sleeper (as long as no one noticed the Ferrari badges lol) even stock i would love to drive one.
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Interesting history on Ferraris, thanks...

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I'd really like to get a 3.2 mondial coupe.It's got to be the best bang for the buck.Nice Article.
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Default Mondial 3.2 QV

My Dad bought a Mondial 3.2 Quattrovalve this year. I must admit, when i first saw it, i was a bit like... errr... its ok... (but i didn't really like the styling)... But after riding in it for a while, and driving it, I now really appreciate what ferrari is all about. And I definatly think its better then the 400 and 308 GT4. Now THOSE are REALLY ugly cars. But I think a good affordable ferrari is a 328 GTB. Now they look hot.... lol.
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