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Default Ebonics Humor

A friend of mine has an 18 year old son named Leroy. Last week Leroy was given an easy homework assignment. All he had to do was put each of the following words in a sentence. What does Leroy do? *

Word Sentence

AFRO- I got so mad at my hoe, AFRO a lamp at her.

AFTERMATH- I like to be high in school, so AFTERMATH I go to da field and smoke.

AXE- I done AXE you once now don't make me AXE you a'gin.

BEWARE- I asked da man at da unemployment office, "Do dis BEWARE I apply fa ah job?"

CATACOMB- Don King hair look stupid. Somebody ought'a give dat CATACOMB.

COATROOM- Da judge said, "One more outburst like dat, an you be thrown out da COATROOM.

CONTAGIOUS- It's gonna take dat contagious to wash all dem dishes.

COPULATE- I called 911 and an hour later when dey show up, I said COPULATE.

DECIDE- I like Wanda and Yolanda, but I like to have Lakisha on DECIDE.

DIMENSION- I be tall, dark, handsome and not DIMENSION, I's hung like a horse too.

DEFEAT- Defeat of depig sho' be good pickled.

DEFENSE- De Sheriff woulda catched me but I jumped defense.

DEMAND- If you don't quit sellin' dem drugs DEMAND gonna get you.

DERANGE- DERANGE be where da deer and antelope play.

DATA- At my basketball game, I scored thirty points. My coach said, "DATA boy."

DETAIL- Dat rat almost got away but ol' Blue catched him by detail.

DISAPPOINTMENT- My parole officer tol' me if I miss DISAPPOINTMENT day gonna send me back to da big house.

DISMAY- I went fo a blood test, da doctor pulled out a big needle. He said DISMAY hurt a little.

DOMINEERING- My hoe's birthday was yesterday, I got her a DOMINEERING.

FASCINATE- Dis hoe's titty's be so big, her shirt got ten buttons, but she can only FASCINATE.

FORECLOSE- If I pay alimony dis month, I'll have no money FORECLOSE .

FORTIFY- I axed da hoe how much for some? And she say FORTIFY.

HONOR- At da rape trial, de judge axed my buddy, who be HONOR first?

HOTEL- I gave dis ho da clap and da HOTEL everybody.

INCOME- I just got in bed wit dis hoe and INCOME my wife.

INDISCREET- I bought deez drugs here in de screet.

ISRAEL- I said, "Man dat Rolex look fake." He said, "No ISRAEL."

KENYA- I needed change fo da subway, so I axe a stranger KENYA spare a dime?

LOCKET- I slam da door so hard, I LOCKET.

MOBILE- I went to buy crack, I was short on cash, my man said gimme one MOBILE.

ODYSSEY- I tellin' you Bro! You ODYSSEY da jugs on dis hoe!

OMELETTE- Every time I start a new job, OMELETTE go after a week.

PENIS- I went to da clinic and 'day handed me a cup and said PENIS.

PLANET- I got me some seed to grow weed, so I PLANET in da backyard.

RECTUM- I had two Cadillacs, but my ol' lady RECTUM both.

SELDOM- My cousin gave me two tickets to da Knicks game, so I SELDOM.

STAIN- My muda in law axed if I was STAIN for dinner again.

STAIRWAY- When me and my homies get high, we STAIRWAY into space.

TRIPOLI- I was gonna buy my old lady a bra but I couldn't fine no TRIPOLI.

UNDERMINE- Dare be a fine lookin' hoe livin' in da apartment UNDERMINE.

*Note- This is only a joke. It is not meant to be racist.
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