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Default Chrysler's radical overhaul plan: in short, 56% of models will be made by FIAT

The biggest news is that 56% of all future models will be made by FIAT.

The second bit of news is that all commercial truck and vans will fall under the new Ram brand.

Third big news is that the Viper will be dead soon and there will be a new sporting model from FIAT-Chrysler using FIAT parts. (Alfa or Maserati bits?)

White ones are proposed FIAT produced models.
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Such huge news! Jeep just needs to let the Patriot and Compass die. A Fiat based Libery seems like a strange idea. I'm glad that Wrangler and Grand Cherokee will live on.

Fiat vans branded as RAMs seems odd too.
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Most of this news is not entirely surprising. Chrysler needed to let some of the crap/unprofitable cars go and get back to basics. I guess that's what they are doing.
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Fiat make better cars than Chrysler, where's the issue?
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