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Default I will need help in building the database here

There is simply so much information out there; and that has already been posted, that it is a lot of work for one person to go through it all, and search it just myself. I am really hoping that the JW members will help get the ball rolling to have the most complete information ANYWHERE!

so; if there is a topic in the scans section, message me a link to it and the tell me the data that is in it, so i dont have to read the whole thing to get something that may or may not be in there. Also, quote your source of the data to keep us all honest... and use a scanner/photo if it is not online.

For now, this isn't about comparing these cars vs. any other cars... but just themselves. However, they can help people realize that some of the greatest cars in the world do indeed come from America It isn't all about straight line speed

The topics will be updated with the stats posted by other members, and myself. If there are other technical aspects that i might be missing, feel free to post them. However, while posting, ----------------------------------------------
Please PM me additional information, and resources here http://www.jabbasworld.net/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=6079
I will edit all the data into the first post to make it all as easy to find when referencing the info in the future.

I hope everybody finds these topis useful, and informative!
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