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Default C5 Z06 vs C6 Z06... and the winner is...

C6 Z06 by a mile!

(price point not included)

Drove both today, among many other things with a "few" friends...

99% of you just have no clue what 460 RWHP feels like, and 435 RWTq... bone stock.

It is simply other worldly... out of the realm of possibilities, and requiring a few cards short of a full deck...

Insert explatives here

and again here

and here as well

WTF, it's still pulling!

Grip? yeah, more then you have balls, unless your lead foot is stuck on loud. Tire scorching on throttle conditions in 1-4th gears.... WTF

Lateral grip? it will sort you out, because its just that good.

Harsh ride? NO, in fact, it is roughly equivilent to a 2005 NSX, and wayyyyy softer then a STi/ Evo etc.

Those guys on TV just have no idea what they are talking about, Seriously

Remember those explatives i shouted a few moments ago? I forgot to mention, that was me ripping through the gears, or any gear. This car pulls in 6th like a Audi A4 does in 2nd at below 2000 rpm

this car is just other worldly

The inerior?

On par with european standards in cars like VW/ based audi's/ based BMW's

The C5 isn't on par with modern versions of those cars mentioned... go figure.

more to come, including photos/video
Car photography website
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