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I found myself fast forwarding through all the bits about the Ferrari Bland58 and watched the Porsche bits twice.

How could the Eyetalians get it so wrong?

Who are they building cars for? Poseurs?

At least Porsche still has real world racing programs and cars.
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I agree with you RC45.
I remember reading about Ferrari's 355 F1 paddle transmission back in 1998(?) and thinking to myself then that they are ruining everything great about Ferraris, and "who in their right mind would spend so much cash to get themselves into a Ferrari and forego the open gait?".

Unfortunately, I was proved wrong then, and I have a bad feeling that the 458 is the future for the hypercar.

Oh well, I always prefer to be part of an alternative minority anyway!

Hope porsche doesn't go that way too, they didn't back then so there may be hope.
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I'm a technology whore, so I'll take the 458.
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