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Old 04-29-2007, 09:23 AM   #61
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5 pt - P_Zero_Rosso, Porsche 997 Turbo
3 pt - MartijnGizmo, Audi B5 RS4
2 pt - dani_d_mas, Renault 5 Turbo
1 pt - bloeb, Opel Speedster VXR
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Old 04-29-2007, 03:13 PM   #62
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5pts - MUS911, Porsche 997 Turbo
3pts - yo_spc, Pagani Zonda F
2pts - TT, Ferrari Daytona Gr4
1pt - MartijnGizmo, Audi B5 RS4
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Old 04-29-2007, 03:47 PM   #63
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1 MartijnGizmo
2 TT
3 Smylait
4 bloeb
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Old 04-29-2007, 04:11 PM   #64
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my votes at the last minute, I've had such a fuckin't busy few week's, months, it's been killin' me ... I'm dying to post a few new and old pics ... in may probably ...

first off, I think zondaC12 and martyin had a few much better pics to be entered here

5pts - P_Zero_Rosso, Porsche 997 Turbo - what a pic, the car behind makes a bit less special, but otherwise it's a great pic. The way the light reflects of the car, and the black on black combo rocks

3pts - MartijnGizmo, Audi RS4 - great setting, one of my favourites audis ever, good composition, good colour, cool pic, but he had better pics the previous month, one of the multiple panning shots deserves to be here ...

2pts - Smylait, Ford GT - this (although very simple composition) pic clearly shows the muscle behind all the mask. The pic is simple, yet very effective, the angle is just right, the background works great, it's nice but doesn't take too much attention off the car, like it alot.

1pt - TT, Ferrari Daytona Gr4 - it's been really tough, but the car here really stands out, and it's a daytona. Good composition, but for it to be closer to perfection, the car should be positioned a bit more to the right

others that came close?

danis renaults, the MUS white 911 turbo, salegosse, Bandini 750 and stmoritzer's CLK DTM.

that's it I guess

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Old 04-30-2007, 05:52 AM   #65
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5pts * MUS911 - Fresh background, I can see it is in Dubai

3pts * bloeb - I like the sharp fans, similar to the car driving style. Sharp NIce one

2pts * P_Zero_Rosso - Are you a Pro! Not fair to join in, Coz I want to give you 5pts. I love those Red Breaks with the shiney Silky Sexy Super Curvy 997.

1pt * salegosse - Hahah!!! We need some fun here guys, not only serious Photos

Alll Great Work,.. Lets see who is the winner of the month
Good Luck All .
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Old 04-30-2007, 06:18 PM   #66
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Thanks everybody for voting! The more, the funnier!

It was quite a close race and till the end of the month it was tight between the first three! Good job P, MUS & bloeb, but sadly only the first two will be featured on the portal for the next month (a 997TT month I guess )!


P_Zero_Rosso - 112
MUS911 - 101

bloeb - 90
MartijnGizmo - 67
Smylait - 58
TT - 54
stmoritzer - 33
ZondaC12 - 26
salegosse - 8
MidEngine4Life - 6
yo_spc - 6
Alan - 5
dani_d_mas - 5
sentra_dude - 3
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Old 05-01-2007, 04:03 AM   #67
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LMAO! Sorry, my bad!

:arrow: fixed
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Old 05-01-2007, 05:45 AM   #68
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it was a nice competition this month!

Congrats to P_Zero_Rosso !!!

Actually i voted for u, as u have the best pic this month, i knew it!

Good job to all member for the aswsome pics
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Old 05-02-2007, 02:58 PM   #69
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Thx for the votes everyone, it's the first time I end up front!
I really appreciate the support.
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