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Default 1995 Ferrari 355 GTB

just got back from driving a 95 355 GTB a few hours ago ... I can't help but love the car... the way it sounded, craved to be 5000+ rpm... the way the exhaust changed sounds from 4500-5300 or so before becoming a higher pitched scream... very easy to drive, very comfortable (except for where the clutch is... the effort is fine, but its at an awkward angle, and i was unfortunatley wearing my normal tenis shoes... which after a few hours behind the wheel on the loop in Hell, my knee was a little sore when moving it normally again. It was an absolute pleasure to drive, and rip through the gears... but really is not much of a comparison against modern sports cars, even in the drivers seat.

oddities i noticed.... no gas cap holder, lock, and unlock buttons are separate, I NEED DRIVING SHOES!, for being as tall as I am, I have enough head room, and leg room, but the location of the clutch is odd , and I have to cock my left leg slightly odd to depress it. After a few hours of driving, I had a slight limp, but not due to muscle strain, just odd angled use. I'm told the pedals can be ajusted per driver... the shoes would help a lot.

the sound! oh god, the sound! This 355 was fitted with Tubi exhaust, and isn't quiet even when cruising at 60 mph at roughtly 3000 rpm... but thats alright Get on the gas, and she goes... not like a C6 Z... but it moves great, and is very responsive. Each gear is intuitively spaced... It's like I never had to think twice about where to rev-match, where the Cayman S was quite confusing ratios. The Ferrari really makes use of each of its ratios to the max for the most driving pleasure!

Firm up the suspension, and you feel even more confident through the bends... but watch out, there is a marathon running in the woods, just over a blind corner or few.... phew! Keep a mindful eye on the cyclists...

Overtaking is a sinch, and driving through a small tunnel.... oh the glory! I need to arrange to drive this under Lathrup Villiage

Somehow, I have managed to take zero photos of me behind the wheel, and no video LOL... odd, but well.... thats ok. I have photos of the car online, the red 355 GTB in the events pages for some of the drives I've been on.

In conclusion.

It's not a new car, but who cares!?! It sounds great, feels almost very comfortable. I find myself wondering if a Vette really will come first in the garage, or the 355... I've fallen head over heals long before I drove it; and every suspicion has been confirmed. A hell of a car I tell you.. it looks phenomenal... I'd go so far as to recomend finding one with low miles, and no stories... even a dealer authorized sale, as i've heard some poor stories about the 355 valvetrain... but curiously enough, nobody I have met who has a 355 has had any real issues. What an amazing car
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