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Default Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago

Since the Gallardo's launch I was sure if one day I would have the luck to testdrive a Lambo it would have beed the baby one... well, not true, the first as you remember was a V12 classic, the Diablo, and actually also the second was a V12 :shock: lucky!

More pics :arrow: http://www.motorworld.net/forum/show...=747777#747777


Engine - V12, 6192 cc
Power - 580 hp @ 7500 rpm
Torque - 650 Nm @ 5400 rpm
Weight - 1650 kg
Fuel Tank - 100 liters, good luck
Max Speed (declared) - 330+ km/h
Acceleration (declared), 0-100 km/h -
Fuel economy (out of town / town / mixed) -
Tranny - 6 gears manual

Seats - 2
Doors - 2
Lenght / width - 4580 / 2045 mm
Height - 1135 mm
Boot - you're kidding me, aren't you?


A black Murcielago, honestly, it can't be much better if not for some details like the wheels which start to look a bit dated maybe, now that we are getting used to the LP640, but such a shape, low, wide, scalpel sharp, will always make little boys dream!


Audish, I know. Not like in a Gallardo, but definitely less italian than a Diablo. Is this a negative point? Not so sure. The build quality seems pretty good and this car already saw some km afterall. In a Diablo, from day 2 you start to loose bits of leather or entire buttons and so on which is very cool and all if you are an italian cars fanatic, but could quickly become annoying.
Also, the car is sure pretty much as cramped as a Diablo, but everything is so much better placed that you definitely feel more at ease. Also, in a Diablo the pedals are really offset while here they are much better placed. Head room is also much better and all in all, accessing this car is slightly easier than it was before.

How does it drive?

Sadly I must admit I never stretched its legs. I took the wheel at the end of a pretty long and tiring day, on very narrow roads, dirty also, with gravel in unexpected places, lots of dips and crests and generally very challenging with basically no straights.

I was in cruising mode, with some short prods of the right pedal between to corners and two cars. In a Diablo you feel the 2+ meters of width and you pay attention consequently. The Murci is quite dangerous IMO because you have the impression to be in a narrower car, to suddently discover you are about to put your right wheel on the grass (or the side fender in a wall if you prefer).
I can't really say it's easier to drive. The clutch is also very manly but as in the diablo, very easy to use. The clinching H gate is one of the most orgasmic things on the planet and the fact 1st gear is placed like in your daily drive is a welcome change from Lambos of the past: you don't have to constantly concentrate on it every time you have to do a standing start.
The exhaust on this one is modified, Tubi I think, anyway it has a racing edge as soon as you pass the 2000 rpm which totally change the standard sound but will never sound "too much", although really loud, insideout.
I would have liked to push it a bit more, especially in the twisties because it seems so much easier to be driven quickly! Probably because somewhere inside, you know the front wheels can come into play and drags you out of embarassing situations.
Anyway, even driving it on the torque is bloody nice and you could go on for days.
It's also much more of a daily drive than an older Lambo, also thanks for the fact you can raise the front suspension by quite some cm, helping passing where another supercar would get stuck

What are the most positive features of the car?

Useability (relative)

What are the most negative features of the car?

It lost some Italian aura maybe

How do you think this car compares to its direct competition?

Pretty well. The battle between raging bulls and prancing horses will never end and everybody will find his own on one side or the other (or both). Ferraris in this segment play the FR card while Lambo sticks to the mid engine layout. And IMO, as good as a Maranello or now Fiorano can be, if you want a sportcar you need to have the engine behind you. But well, if you want a damn effective GT cruiser, it's better to have it at the front!


To drive and be driven around the whole day in a Diablo Roadster and in a Murcielago sure makes me a bit biased, but this Murcielago is such an accomplished car!
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